Name: Nanachi Hantomei "Sky Fox"
Company Ranking: Lance Line Operator
Other Operators involved: Kesslan, Yara "Salted Cod"
Date: 12/05/2134

Post Location: Neon Demon

Time On Shift: 18:26
Time Off Shift: 20:07
Post Encounters: n/a
Post Report:
[18:38] Sky Fox walked into the room and reached up to pull her mask off before shaking out her wet head fluff and folding her ears back up. "Can I get some of those scritches too?" she smiled "LLO Sky Fox reporting for security"
[18:40] Yara Nagi offered a nod as she walked up behind Sky Fox, tilting her head "Hello, I am reporting for security as well."
[18:41] Kesslan dared to respond to Quillis with "Maybe it's just because you're getting fat?" in a teasing tone, giving her a grin before perking up his ears at the sudden swarm of responses. He'd look around the corner from the entrance towards Amani, offering her a wave in greeting before turning his attention over to the two from Marshal. "Alright then, have either of you done a security shift here before?" he inquired.
[18:44] Quillis "Mother Of Scars" would pull on kess's ear when he make a fat comment "me fat thats funny" as she looks at the other marshal "looks like you are busy now ill talk to you later kess"
[18:45] Quillis "Mother Of Scars" walks up to star and the bat as she looks between them "hey batty.. and i got your text today star what did you want?"
[18:46] Sky Fox drooped her ears at the lack of scritches. She then heard the announcement over comms and would try not to snicker. "Well I've done several shifts here." she said, holding back still. Her eyes teared up a little before she burst into a little giggle. "But I don't know if sa-salted cod has"
[18:47] Yara Nagi shook her head "I have done a shift at Chimera before, sir, but we are equipped with rubber bullets and pepper spray for non lethal measures." she assured him, blinking when she heard her comms and rolled her lips, trying her best not to explode. A glare was shot at Sky Fox.
[18:50] Kesslan snickers a little at what he hears on the coms. "Right." he replies with a toothy grin. "Well, standard responses here are much the same. Non lethal measures are preferred. Talk first, warn second, shoot last." he said "Of course there's exceptions to that rule, such as when there's an obvious attack on the establishment. In which case do your best to protect our clients and their customers."
[18:52] Doctor Levidensis: wandered on by and into the club, giving Kesslan a simple two fingered salute as she wandered on by. Though she wasn't exactly in a hurry and was catching a few snippets of their conversation.
[18:52] Sky Fox would lift her virtual optics a bit and would wipe herr face before pulling it down. "Well it looks like you have the front covered. I think we'll take up near the bar. Does that sound fine to you?"
[18:53] Quillis "Mother Of Scars" points up "i was in space doing my other job. so it did take abit for me to get the message." as she looks tot he bat "i did quit but kiba asked me to come back and that just happened today so im back on the job here it seems." as she looks back to star "out? i dont understand"
[18:53] Kesslan offered a nod to Doc Levidenis "Hey Doctor." he replied and then looked over to Sky "Sure, by all means. It helps to keep an eye out around the interior as well. Keep an eye on the doors to the private rooms. Some people occasionally try sneaking in or hacking the doors."
[18:54] Yara Nagi offered a nod and walked further along with a bit of a frustrated stomp, choosing to stand near the private rooms and putting in the time as she wrote on the document.
[18:57] Sky Fox would walk with them. stay here by the doors, but not too close." she said and moved over near the bar. "I'll keep watch here for any trouble, and you can keep watch over there." she would say to them as they were within earshot. "Remember, if you see trouble, warn first, shoot last, and if you do shoot, make sure you're spitting rubber and not lead."
[19:03] Yara Nagi stood near the doors, offering a nod to the other marshal as she looked down at her belt. "Okay, thank you~" she mused at her.
[19:06] Sky Fox would look around the room. Seemed pretty empty for now, so she would take a relaxed stance. "Don't expect too much trouble, but be sure to be ready for it. Most shifts are uneventful,. but a boring shift can turn into a firefight in a second."
[19:11] Yara Nagi shrugged "Chimera was just as calm, but I didn't really find it an issue. We're supposed to guard, not fight everything, yeah~?" she said with a little chuckle.
[19:15] Sky Fox "Yea pretty much." she would wiggle her tail a little bit. She then looked over to the fluffy cyber nearby. "Good evening." she greeted before resuming her watch of the clib
[19:19] Fitzy (reynmctavish) slowly, but surely, would find his meandering way back to the club, looking at the floor and where he was placing each foot, not quite paying attention where they were carrying him, seeming to know where he's going stopping once he'd reach the bar, slowly averting his eyes up as he'd glance around, ears flicking from a splayed to perked position, and then back again.
[19:19] Sif Grimmsdottir did that
[19:21] Doctor Levidensis: gave a soft. "hmm?" and looked over to Sky before giving them a nod. "good evening." she would say offering a slight smile before looking to Grim. Offering him a simple nod in greeting as well. The taller vixen just seeming to be content watching the bar area for the night.
[19:26] Sky Fox would flick her ears a bit and then would get a cup of water from the bar robot. "You want some water too?" she asked over to Yara. Not only does it keep you hydrated, it helps you blend in some more with the scene." she would take a sip from her glass
[19:27] Sif Grimmsdottir stares blankly at Sky for just a moment..Then slowly pans over to Levi, blinking slowly before shaking his head and giving his cheeks a few small slaps before shaking his head, a motion which transfers down the rest of his body in the way a dog would shake water from their pelt. That seemed to snap him back to reality as he'd offer a cheery wave to Levi. "Pardon me Ma'am...I..Never got your name last time we met..." He'd murmur softly, bowing deeply to the woman and flashing a sharp fanged smile.
[19:29] Yara Nagi looked over at the glass of water and shook her head, chuckling "If I drink too much, I'll have to use the bathroom~ It's not efficient if you're aiming to guard, is it?" she explained, turning back forward.
[19:30] Doctor Levidensis: chuckled softly. "it was a fairly busy night when we met." she agreed, taking a few steps forward to offer a hand to the smaller vulpine like male. "I am Doctor Levidensis. Though informally I'm known as Levi." she would introduce herself.
[19:33] Sky Fox would giggle a little bit "I only mean one glass. sipping from time to time. most of the time holding a drink is all that's needed not to be an obvious guard on duty." she said as she held her glass. everytime she would 'sip' it would be more of pretending to drink.
[19:34] Laython Codwell: he came in and found a place to stand quietly and watch
[19:34] Sif Grimmsdottir would watch the other closely as she approached him shifting from side to side for just a moment. His eyes would trail to her hand for just a moment until it clicked, to which he'd reach and grasp her hand gently, giving it a small shake. "Right..Pleasure to meet you Doctor.." he'd murmur softly, bowing his head once more. "I...Had given it some thought, and I was curious if that job in the lab was still open...?"
[19:34] Yara Nagi watched the other splicer with a furrowing of her brow. "Fine." she grunted, rolling her eyes snd snatching the cup as she faked a sip. "I don't know what the issue is, isn't it better if it's obvious?"
[19:36] Doctor Levidensis: gave a nod. "Indeed it is. We have few reliable technicians at the moment. Having someone new on board would be very welcome." she said to him. "I'm not going to pressure you into anything, though. I know that you're still likely getting used to things."
[19:38] Sky Fox would smile as they took the other glass. "Staff here suggested it before. simply holding a drink and pretending to drink makes patrons more comfortable around arm,ed security." she would flick an ear and then gave them a thumbs up with a toothy smile. "We are here to deter people from causing trouble, but we don't want to be so effective that paying customers become too uncomfortable to enjoy themselves. so relax, and keep a sharp eye out without being too intimidating."
[19:40] Sif Grimmsdottir nods for just a moment as he'd think before shaking his head. "Mmm..There...really was no pressure..I know I'm comfortable in a lab more so than..Well.." he'd take a moment to grandly motion to everything in the room. "...So it'll be..Like a safe space, or a get away really.." He'd reply with a chipper grin coming across his lips.
[19:42] Doctor Levidensis: listened and gave a nod. "of course. We would be happy to have you. You should drop by sometime fill out an application. I can show you the way from here if you're nervous about trying to find it by yourself." she offered.
[19:46] Sky Fox would pretend to sip on her drink a bit as the cadet had to run off ((irl stuff))
[19:51] Sif Grimmsdottir thinks for a few moments before nodding. "last time I found it it was during an ash storm...I don't think I could recall where it is correctly now with the way things changed.." he'd reply softly, taking a few moments to adjust the straps of his backpack before looking up to the woman once more. "....What's an application, anyway?"
[19:52] Skittles (skitarii) is offline.
[19:53] Doctor Levidensis: pondered a moment. "paperwork stating some basic information about yourself that communicates a specific want from an organization. In this case it would be your desire to be employed." she would say, hopefully that explanation would be sufficient.
[19:57] Sky Fox was contemplating patting the two of those fennecs over there, but she had a job to do currently
[19:57] Sif Grimmsdottir thinks for a few moments before nodding. "That..Makes sense..Like documenting results or making a thesis.." he'd murmur, partly to himself before shaking his head and nodding once more. "Okay, makes sense, Yes...So..Which way is this place..?"
[20:00] Doctor Levidensis: smiled to him. "follow me, it's raining outside, do you have an umbrella?" she asked as she started to head for the door. turning to look over her shoulder to make sure he was following her.
[20:05] Quillis "Mother Of Scars" looks to kiyo as she smiles "so am i bartending or are you?"
[20:05] Kiyomi Ashikaga: " making friends with devils... hmph " crosses her arms frowning at her mate.
[20:07] Quillis "Mother Of Scars" her ears would flicker "hes made actions to prove hes not one of the bad ones. he destroys that nasty dark magika. my mother once your allowed to hate those who have made harsh actions but always hope for a better future"
[20:09] Kiyomi Ashikaga: walks behind the bar slamming the small door cabinet before turning her back and crossing her arms. " Fine... you forgive them.. devils."
[20:10] Sky Fox would speak into her comms "It's that time already? Alright. clocking out" she would then head up to the front to check her weapons and then would head out to get changed.

Check-In Log:
[18:26] Nanachi Hantomei (naokitzne): [c://sky fox] This is LLO Sky Fox. Requesting permission to join you with cadet Yara at the neon demon

Check-Out Log: [20:07] Nanachi Hantomei (naokitzne): [c://sky fox] It's that time already? Alright. clocking out

Operator Comments:
- Salted Cod is a silly code name, but she did a good job