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Hunter's Ball! ((Eerie's Perspective)) RT RP logs. Spoilers, 10/25

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[14:02] Melody Hasuki: huffs coming back out of breath " alright im here .. and figure this is way more appealing to the eye .. and well your look inspired me." she looks at her comm " my lover might come by to the party."

[14:03] Eurielle was looking down to her communicator as she'd turn on the pad of her foot to look at Melody, "Oh neat. That looks cute. We should get brooms." She'd just tease lightly, "But it looks good. I like it."

[14:06] Melody Hasuki: giggles a bit " wounder if anyone has made a hover broom just for fun.. " she shrugs " alright Im gonna start on some cooking think some cupcakes with purple whip cream icing and some bat moon sprinkles are in order."

[14:15] Eurielle chuckled, "Actually that would be cute!" She'd smile, "Let me know if you need anything." Came the mention quickly as she'd wander into the bar and make herself a drink, "Do you want anything while you cook, Melody?" She'd question lightly.

[14:17] Melody Hasuki: smiles " Ill let yo uknow if I need anything but drink wise a small glass of lemon soda if we have it dont want to get drunk on the job." she starts prepping her tools to make some cup cakes .

[14:22] Eurielle moved behind the bar and grabbed her a cup that had lemon soda, "Well I can guarentee if it's going to get busy in any way shape or form, you'll need a drink to get the edge off." She'd chuckle, she'd make herself a whiskey and gingerale mixture. Wandering back over to deposit the lemon soda in a clear and reachable spot.

[14:30] Melody Hasuki: giggles take a sip " Well Im a bit of a light weight might ask for something later ." she takes out a mixture and starts pouring some sugar flower eggs and some other spices.. if you can smell it its pumpkin spice !!. " these shouldnt take to long to make."
[14:37] Don Halford steps off the elevator, looking around for the Door Person. "Excuse me, who do I talk to about entry fees?"
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[14:40] Eurielle she'd move over towards the male with a smile, "At the moment that would be me. You're quite early darlin." She'd chuckle, looking towards Melody. "Well I believe in you."

[14:42] Don Halford nods. "I am aware. I'm actually looking to purchase a number of passes for the officers of Colony Security." He shifts the lapel of his jacket slightly, revealing a badge. "Would a bulk discount be possible for, say twenty-five entries?"

[14:43] Melody Hasuki: mixes her batter before putting them in a tray and putting it in the oven before moveing to another bowl and putting in a pint heavy cream chilled and some icing sugar before adding a teaspoon of vanilla and starting to wisk "that sounds like alot of people ."

[14:45] Eurielle actually paused a moment, "Well yes, I don't see where that would be any sort of an issue." She'd pull up her communicator, she'd do the math quickly. "How about this, for a bulk discount for 25 people I will give you a discount. For all of them, if you'd just like to do 100,000 credits." She'd tilt her head, "As well as how would you like to handle names or just if they are mentioning the entry?"

[14:48] Don Halford smiles as he fishes out a credit chit from his suit pocket. "Just have them show their Colony Security badge. Some may come and go, so perhaps taking a name as they come in would be useful to prevent them from running through the entries. But yes, one hundred thousand is acceptable." He hands over the chit containing the necessary credits.

[14:48] [roe] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Mrbigstuph1645 Resident's [don halford] gave <100000> Credit to Nevahe Resident's [eurielle].

[14:51] Eurielle nodded, "And there is the matter of disguise kits, would you like me to just hand them out as they show their badges?" She'd question lightly, as she took the credit chip from him. She'd store it away, now shooting out all relevant information out to thoes who needed to know that col-sec badges and entries were paid for. She'd look up to him, "It's awfully nice of you to pay for other entries, darlin." She'd grin towards him.

[14:55] Don Halford nods. "Yes, that will work perfectly. And I do try to help my fellow officers in any way I can." He smiles back. "Thank you for helping with this. I'll be back later for the start of the party." With that, he presses the button to wait for the elevator.

[14:56] Eurielle nodded and would give him a bit of a flourished bow. "Of course, anything that I can do to assist. Please have a good one."

[14:57] Melody Hasuki: smiles still wisking her iceing putting a few drops of purple food dye in it before placing it in the fridge and walking over to the stove pulling out the cake letting the smell of pumpkin spice fill the air. " now just to let those cool."

[14:57] Don Halford smiles as the elevator opens, stepping inside and descending while reaching to activate his comm unit.

[15:06] Eurielle rolled her eyes just a moment, "Col-sec. Well that's going to be fun." She'd stow the chip away in her pocket She'd sent the information over to rose, "IF anyone asks melody, col-sec has that free entry. People are coming in here in disguise kits. So it may very well be interesting.. I don't want one, or need one." She'd chuckle.

[15:10] Melody Hasuki: nods " its a good thing Im in good standing with them .. and well I will be sure to be on my best behavior. " she walks over getting the Icing and pulling it in a plastic squeeze bag putting it on the cup cares then setting them out on the table." feel free to munch on one they are just pumpkin cake with whip cream icing . figured a nice simple snack would hold guest over ."

[15:13] Eurielle chuckled, "Best behavior. Well I suppose that's a matter of perception my dear." She would of course, snag one of the cupcakes. Of course, one with alot of frosting. She'd even hold it out towards melody, "Do me a solid, Melody my dear. Just.. a little bit more frosting? I'm gonna need that sugar rush. And coffee I imagine." She'd beam at her.

[15:16] Amani Azaria yawned softly as she walked through the elevator doors,'I'm looking for Eurielle. I'm gonna be a barkeep tonight, apparently Kess hasnt been reaching out.' The woman's arms resting behind he rhead as she looked around the rooftop.

[15:18] Navier: Steps out onto the roof with a bit of confusion but wanders about.

[15:18] Melody Hasuki: giggles sqeezeing a bit more frosting on it " enjoy ma'am you need anything else cooked up let me know." she starts plating the rest of the stuff she prepped

[15:19] Eurielle was in the process of holding out that cupcake, so when the female spoke she'd turn her head back just a moment to look at the one that said her name. "That would be me, darlin. Bar-keeping for me tonight, I do declare you're gonna be a huge lifesaver. Cause I'd figure it would just be me." She'd grin towards her, "Let's get you set up, darlin." And there it was, more frosting. She'd wave to Navier as they entered. "Greetings, and welcome." She'd held the now frosting mountian cupcake in front of her like some kind of sugar sword.

[15:22] Amani Azaria offered a nod and smile towards the woman,'Lead on. Not like I'm doing much.'

[15:25] Eurielle took a whole three steps to her left, "And here we are. The best rooftop bar that Rise has seen." She'd state making a huge display of the little counter right next to the cooking area. Using that cupcake to show everything, turning back towards her with a brilliant smile. "I'll probably be grabbing drinks as I go tonight, to serve to other patrons. And please, feel free to call me Eerie."

[15:25] Navier: Looks to the cupcake but seems uninterested but seems curious about something... "Whats going on I heard something was happening up here and something about dressing nice?" he shrugs "What kind of party is this?"

[15:30] Amani Azaria followed along before walking past the woman and stepping behind the countertop,'Easy enough. IVe dealt with worse.' The bat ran her prosthetic fingers over the wooden surface,'Man....sometimes I miss touch....Anywho, Sorry I dont have a costume. It's not really my thing and its hard to find shit that works with my arms.'

[15:33] Melody Hasuki: smiles " I was told its a event is the hunters moon Its kinda like a costume party of sorts I will be the chef tonight."

[15:33] Eurielle would tilt her head back to look towards the one that questioned, "Red Tail is throwing on a Hunter's Moon party. Sort of like a costume ball. It's early, still 30 minutes till the party actually starts." She'd smile towards them giving them a wave as she'd deposit her cupcake on top of her hat for whatever strange reason. "It's alright, nobody's going to mention I don't imagine." Came the statement as she turned back to Amani. "Well, we should be starting here in about thirty minutes as I mentioned so a little bit of time is given ahead of time. I don't mind if you drink on shift, just don't be toasted." She'd smile, even workers needed to have fun too. Or at least she was of this opinion. She'd tilt her head towards the comment of touch, "Ah, that's a hard one. What happened so that you have the prosthetic arms if I could ask?" she'd been slightly curious on that one.

[15:37] Amani Azaria waved her hand as the woman went on about drinking and the costume,'I don't drink much. And ill just be munching on fruit mostly.' She'd lift her hands and look at the fingers gently,'Hm?....Work happened. I'm the only Mekker Doc down in the Lowers. Ive been fucking with cybernetics and prosthetics since I was a child. Accidents happened and well. I made my own arms and now they work....for the most part.'

[15:40] Eurielle tilted her head to the side a moment, "That's fair." She'd rumble towards her, "Well then I will keep the fruit coming in your direction, since you are offering to help us here. Do you have a prefrence towards what type of fruit you'd prefer?" She'd question lightly.

[15:41] Melody Hasuki: smiles taking a sip of her soda " the final last moments of getting ready. " she giggles takeing a bite out of one of the candy's

[15:43] Amani Azaria: "Hm?....Favorit fruit? Mango's hands down."

[15:45] Eurielle she'd lean over a bit towards Melody, "You heard the lady, miss melody. Can you cut me up a bowl of fruit, heavy on the mango side?" She'd question for her, "Fifteen minute warning before people start coming up. Col-Sec had previously paid entry for 25 officers. So that should be fun." Came the statement, more for the tender's ears then anything.

[15:49] Melody Hasuki: smiles " on it a bowl of fruit how about some pineapple grapes cherrys.. what else.. " she gets in the fridge taking all the stuff out " some blueberry and strawberry." she cuts the pineapple in cubes then cuts the top off the straberrys and cuts them in half throwing the other berrys in the the bowl walking it over to the bar " enjoy your fruit. "

[15:55] Amani Azaria offered a smile towards the cook,'Thanks. Appreciate it. Spliced with fruit bat, kinda hard to eat anything outside my normal diet.' She'd snicker softly to herself as she popped a piece of pineapple into her mouth and munched away with a happy batsqueak.' The womans mechanical arms moved about behind her moving bottles and cups about as if they had a mind of their own.

[16:01] Melody Hasuki: smiles waving to the bartender " no problem you need anymore you let me know Ill get you set up. " she giggles looking over to navier " if you need anythign let me know."

[16:02] A Dumb Bee would happily bounce over and towards the Dinko machine. As the bee got closer, the machine would slowly begin to play a small, chip tuned song. After a few moments, one of the cans inside woudl disappear, and would be replaced by a can with a flashing, rainbow logo. The male would use both hands to retrieve it, crack it open, and quietly chug at it.

[16:05] Amani Azaria twitched her ears at the sudden addition of strange music but otherwise kept herself busy, moving about glasses and bottles so things were organized in a fashion that worked for her, occasionally snatching up another piece of fruit with a squeak.

[16:05] A Dumb Bee happily wanders away with the strange can

[16:06] [roe] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Kavick Valient (Imploding Scientist) has used <1> disguise_kit.

[16:06] Eurielle came back from her space case extrodinare! And she was able to focus on the others. "Alright, starting time folks. They should be coming in here from now on." She'd turn towards Amani, "You hollar at me if there's anything that you need. I will get you covered." She'd hook a finger towards Melody, "Melody, dear. Same goes for you. We have a long night ahead.." Oh, well. She couldn't help but stare at the bee for a moment, "Well the things you see." She'd wander over towards the doorway, so that seh could wave at the newcomers coming in. "Greetings.. Purple thing!" Oh this was bound to be a fantastic night!

[16:07] A Dumb Bee gets closer to everyone in chat range cause reee

[16:07] Ana Ka'rimah: steps out of the elevator behind Kavick and adjusts her belt. "Mmh. Quaint." She murmurs, peering over at the large male... and then Diesel. "Nice costume."

[16:08] A Dumb Bee would give Ana a happy wave, giving a happy, "Yeah! I got it this week!~" he smiles, the male was holding an odd can of soda, a rainbow logo quietly flashing on its front, "Are you a pilgrim????"

[16:09] Ana Ka'rimah: stares at Diesel. "...witch hunter, Diesel."

[16:09] Melody Hasuki: was just prepping more cupcakes with a smile " of course ma'am ." she looks at the others walking in " come all for some pumpkin spice cup cakes and some small fondant cakes."

16:09] A Dumb Bee "Whats a witch????"

[16:09] Kavick Valient was naturally already looking towards the bar, picking out his favourite drink, much too distracted to notice much behind him. "Rum and apple juice please!"

[16:10] Ana Ka'rimah: puts a hand against her face. "...Diesel, here. Have a kit kat." She opens a pouch on her belt and tosses him the Halloween chocolate.

[16:10] A Dumb Bee would try and catch the object with the big fat gloves

[16:11] [roe] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Diesel rolls 1d20 + 4
(6) - Unmodified
(10) - Modified

[16:11] A Dumb Bee would stumble some, but catch it. He would wiggle on the floor excitedly for a moment, before standing up, "Thank you!~"

[16:12] Amani Azaria glanced up from whatever she had been fiddling with and offers a nod,'Can do.' The woman quickly went about pouring the requested drink, arching a brow at the Bee across the rooftop,'Uh huh....' She'd push a small glass towards the large male,'All yours.'

[16:13] Eurielle just started laughing for no reason, "To think that every 'so and so' walked into the bar would start out here." Currently starting with a witch hunter and a Bee walk into the bar.

[16:15] Kavick Valient would scoop up the drunk in his hand, eagerly taking that first sip. He'd plant a credit chit on the counter and turn towards Ana and the Bee, walking over to them...

[16:15] [roe] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Imploding Scientist's [kavick valient] gave <250> Credit to Skitarii Resident's [amani azaria].

[16:16] Ana Ka'rimah: gives Diesel a once-over. "...those slippers look comfortable." She mumbles, resting her hand son her belt, turning to look around the area of the party. Piano, spooky fountains, some couches... huh. Hopefully there was the cliche 'Monster Mash' playing, too.

[16:17] A Dumb Bee would happily bounce on his heels in his slippers. The male would put down his can of drink, and unwrap the kitkat with his teeth, before giving it a munch, "Thank you witch hunter person!~" he'd smile wide. He'd look down to his slippers, giving a "Yeah!~"

[16:18] Storyteller || 'Dr. Quantum' step out of the elevator, glancing around the party venue. His holographic head bobbles uncomfortably. He sits down on one of the benches.

[16:18] Ana Ka'rimah: just... stares at Diesel. "'s Ana. You- you can see my face Diesel."

[16:18] A Dumb Bee "Yeah but I'm not gonna say it out loud thats no fun!"

[16:18] A Dumb Bee "No don't say its me!"

[16:18] Melody Hasuki: takes a bite out of a cup cake leaning on the counter before taking a sip of her drink " so far the costumes are on point."

[16:18] Kavick Valient would walk over, hearing the two, "Ohhey Ana, for a moment there, there was some scary looking hunter in your place..." He'd stifle a chuckle.

[16:18] Amani Azaria dipped her head as the male dropped a credit chit on the countertop,'Appreciate it.' She'd arch an eyebrow at the comment from Eurie but remained silent, ears flicking at the bat,'To late Boss. Besides your voice gave you away...Do you know how much you stand out?'

[16:18] Ana Ka'rimah: inhales strongly. "...Bee boy."

[16:19] A Dumb Bee "yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!~"

[16:19] A Dumb Bee looks over to Amani, bouncing happily on his heels, "Its not my fault I have a big pink nose!"
[16:20] Monty Karsten walks over and baps the dumb bee on the head. "Yo."

[16:20] Eurielle it took her a moment to become accustomed to the party as people were starting to come over. She'd plaster a smile on her face, and prepare to go start taking orders for those without drinks. "Greetings and welcome to the hunter's ball." She'd smile towards the ones getting off the elevator, "A mermaid, how pretty. Instead of a catfish, you're a dog fish?" She'd question lightly, with a grin. "Would you like anything to drink or eat, darlin?"

[16:20] Ana Ka'rimah: blinks out of unison. Just.... ok. Then Monty appears. Ana focuses her eyes on him. "...nice , uh... wizard outfit? Sorcerer? Is that what you are?"

[16:20] A Dumb Bee gives a happy squeal as he was bapped

[16:20] Monty Karsten snickers. "Yeah. So, I'm basically myself. I know. Boring."

[16:21] Monty Karsten blinks. "Uhh... you a witch of some sort?"

[16:21] Amani Azaria rolls her eyes at Diesel before going back to munching on her bowl of fruit.

[16:21] A Dumb Bee happily takes the can off the stand again, now with both big gloves, he gives it a firm slorp, before putting it back down

[16:22] Ana Ka'rimah: stares at Monty. "Witch /hunter/." She grunts, sounding indignant no one is getting her shtick. "Killing the big, bad things. So basically myself, also, da?"

[16:23] Monty Karsten laughs. "Okay, sorry Ms. Witch /Hunter/." How many have you slain so far? And it's probably the hat you know."

[16:23] Kavick Valient: "Good thing I'm no witch!"

[16:23] [roe] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Diesel rolls 1d4
(1) - Unmodified

[16:24] Kayleigh James perked up her ears high, kicking her fin up in front of her to stop her motion in mid-air. "Oh, good evening! I suppose that's what I'd be. And thanks, I'm really quite pleased with how it turned out," she beamed at Eurielle. She bobbed up and down for a moment, cocking her head over to one side. "Oh, ah. A White Russian would be lovely, if you don't mind!" she smiles, lacing her digits together delicately.

[16:24] A Dumb Bee would turn his head and just stare at Ana for a while.

[16:24] Storyteller || 'Dr. Quantum' pushes himself up from the bench, glancing to Eurielle, then to the Merdog. "Do you have any pumpkin spice french fries? Ye~eeeees?" He inquires, the holographic glasses on his head compressing on the Z axis. It looks like he's squinting, in a really wierd way. His head bobbles uncomfortably.

[16:25] Ana Ka'rimah: squints at Valient. "You are a monster and I already shot you." She nods once, crossing her arms awkwardly to compensate for the crossbow mounted on her wrist. "And Spasibo, Girly Sorcerer." Waow.

[16:26] Monty Karsten rolls his eyes. "Come on, Lieutenant Ka'Rimah. You can do better than that."

[16:26] Eurielle nodded towards the dog-fish. "A white russian, of course." and would look over to the holographic robot, "Pretty sweet looking shades. That's for sure." She'd gesture her hand around in a circle around him, "Color scheme is pretty legit. Like the blue and black." She'd smile towards him, "You sure pumpkin spice french fries are in the order, pretty sure that'd put you one pumpkin spice latte against being a basic bitch." She'd just tease, waving a hand towards the robot. "Old human term, but YES! If you'd like some pumpkin spiced french fries. We could probably do that." She'd frown a light moment, at such the strange request.

[16:27] Jazz: Jazz took a moment to glance around at the occupants crowded around on the roof...until he spotted a familiar tall lady, who he makes a beeline for. The splicer gives her a gentle prod with his little trident prop and wriggles his fingers. "Lookin good there...Hope ya aint kitted up ta hunt me tonight.." he'd chuckle, giving Ana a quick wink.

[16:27] Sylvie Auger: smirks a little as she exits the elevator, walking right up to Eurielle. "Good evening, Miss Eerie~ Good to see you again!" She was in full blown professional mode, though she still carried that cargo crate with her.

[16:28] Kavick Valient saw Kayleigh enter the scene in her rather... interesting costume. He'd wave at her from the other side of the walkway. His drink still in his other hand.

[16:29] Storyteller || 'Dr. Quantum' claps a hand to his lapel in mock indignation. "Thank you, and yes, ma'am. Pumpkin spice french fries, please." he replies, quite simply. He reaches up a hand to adjust his holographic glasses. His fingers, of course, pass straight through the hologram.

[16:30] Ana Ka'rimah: chortles at Monty. "I am trying to be nice." She responds, before Jazz appears and pokes her with his trident. The feline glances over and squints at him. "All demons fall before me tonight." Punching him in the shoulder, she adds, "Holy Sigmar grant me strength... or something. It has been a long time since I was last in costume."

[16:30] A Dumb Bee just looks around the edge of the pillar, looking at Mr. Cube Head."

[16:30] Amani Azaria yawned softly as the rooftop started to gather a crowd, leaning against the countertop as her mechanical arms went to work making the drink shed overheard requested. The bat took another bite of fruit this time a small strawberry the bat's hipsm wiggling happily as she enjoyed herself while she watched the party get to rolling. Setting the drink down on the countertop once it was finished.

[16:31] [roe] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Eurielle rolls 1d20
(8) - Unmodified

[16:31] Melody Hasuki: raises a brow " did I hear pumpkin spice French fries ? " she grins before going to the fridge taking out some sweet potatoes cutting them in strips. before taking out some of her pumpkin spice adding some salt smoked paprika and some cayenne pepper mixing the spices in a bowl before takeing them out and seasoning them in the basket " some pumpkin spice fries. are up."

[16:34] Monty Karsten crosses his arms. "By saying I look like a girl? /Wow./ Thanks, Lieutenant." He rolled his eyes again and chuckled, looking over at the other officers. "So we've got a bee, Satan himself, a witch hunter..." he turned around. "A mermaid... and..." He peered up at Kavick. "...Huh. Scary demon."

[16:34] Eurielle waved at Sylvie, "Madame Auger, please feel free to start over there next to the piano." She'd reach out and give the splicer a little ruffle of her head, "Enjoy yourself, we need some music if you don't be minding. And I'll come bring you something to drink." She'd signal to melody a moment, and see that she'd already grabbed them. Tapping her fingers a moment before she'd stare towards the cubed robot. "You know, you look awfully familiar, I will state for the record. Haven't I seen you somewhere before? Like on the news? Slater something or other.." She'd tap her fingers on the side of her face a moment, "Ah.. I forget!"

[16:35] Molly steps out of the room onto the roof, tugging the incredibly short skirt down to conceal his panties and bum, huffing lightly to himself. "I swear, I thought the skirt would be a little longer." He mumbles to himself under his breath, glancing around for people he recognizes. Nope, nobody he recognizes, other than officers who have arrested him before, repeatedly for possession of illegal weapons. Awkward, really. He steps aside, weaving himself between the pillar and bench to reach the piano area.

[16:35] Kavick Valient raised his glass to Monty, tilting his head, before awkwardly taking a sip from beneath his mask. "Yeah! I uh... couldn't find much else that fit me honestly..."

[16:35] Jazz: Jazz grinned rather stupidly as her fist goes 'THUD' against...half metal. It kinda went up his shoulder. "Yeh? Well, we'll see about that, hotshot. Choss is strunk." Another quick wink was given, followed by a more detailed looksee. "I reckon it still fits ya real well anyways..."

[16:36] A Dumb Bee would grip at his soda can and would wander to the other side of the party

[16:36] Ana Ka'rimah: nods at Monty. "Da. And I am basically obligated to kill at least half of you." She grins toothily, before chortling. "You did well, Valient. Very good. What is that headdress made out of?" Peering at Jazz when he speaks, however, she scoffs. "Da, well, I made most of it myself. Being this big you get used to sewing own clothes. Leather is not too bad. Just need thicker sewing machine needles."

[16:37] Sylvie Auger: nods and gives a small bow, before heading over to the piano. She sets down on the chair and turns off the automated playing mode, picking up exactly where it left off. She smiles as she plays for such a large gathering.. though not as large as the parties she used to play for!

[16:37] Kayleigh James tapped Eurielle on the shoulder. "I'll be right over here whenever my drink's ready," she said politely, before floooating on over towards Monty once more.

[16:37] Blanc: Would look around as he stepped out of the elevator; "Huh, wow."

[16:38] Kavick Valient: / me scoffs at Ana. "Being that big? You don't even know..." He'd sip at his glass again. Awkwardly prodding his digit around his mask, trying to adjust his glasses...

[16:38] Storyteller || 'Dr. Quantum's glasses narrow themselves at Eurielle, The holographic still bobbling uncomfortably. "No! Certainly not. I'm Dr. Quantum, the one and only. Ye~eeeeeeees." He replies indignantly, taking a step back, to the side, and towards the Pumpkin Spice French Nonfries. "I have food. 'Scuse me." He remarks rudely, and hops over the benches, towards the bar.

[16:38] Kavick Valient scoffs at Ana. "Being that big? You don't even know..." He'd sip at his glass again. Awkwardly prodding his digit around his mask, trying to adjust his glasses...

[16:40] Monty Karsten looked up over at Kayleigh. "Sup dogfish." He looked around for Diesel. "Where'd the bee go?"
[16:40] Ana Ka'rimah: gestures over her shoulder. "Probably away from all the people, where it is quieter. I am thinking he had good idea."

[16:41] Melody Hasuki: smiles at the strange man with a bow. " I do hope you enjoy. " taps her foot some to the music " ahh the smell of pumkin spice isnt it the best." she giggles takeing a bite out of her cake.

[16:41] Amani Azaria: glanced over towards the clearly dinko related man,'You do know...Your chest says Dinko-Cola on it right?....Are you...dressed up as someone from Dinko or do you just work for them?' She'd snicker softly and flick an ear,'Speaking of....I might grab a drink from the vending machine. I could do with some caffeine.'

[16:41] Jazz: Jazz would whistle softly. "I reckon somethin like that would be real handy. Though I aint so resourceful. Tried a little bitta that....'Inter-webs shoppin' an found this stuff. Credits well spent, I reckon. I might wear these shorts 'round the house."

[16:42] Eurielle did however have a little indignant snort come from her at the very predominant no with capitals and everything that was given. "You suuuure~." She'd call after the retreating robot as it went to get the nonfries. It did however have her chuckling at this very moment as she walked over to the bartender at that moment. "A white russian please. As well as something light and fruity for our music entertainer over yonder. I'd appreciate it, darlin." Came the statement towards the bat with a grin.

[16:42] Monty Karsten nodded. "I'm gonna go over there..."

[16:42] Kayleigh James cocked her head to one side. "Not much, but... Bee?" she asks, scratching behind an ear.
[16:42] Kavick Valient would stare at Kayleigh, looking at her 'fin'. "Well... You certainly look...fishy." He'd turn to move with the others after that.

[16:43] Monty Karsten looked over to Diesel, looking slightly mischievous. "Hey Diesel. The Dinko regional director is here to see you. He's over there on the benches." He pointed a thumb over his shoulder.

[16:43] Blanc: Would stumble clumsily to the bar; out of his element and surrounded by strangers. Approaching the stand he'd smile; "Is this where drinks HAPPEN~?"

[16:44] Storyteller || 'Dr. Quantum' takes the pumpkin spice fries from Melody. "-Thanks." His head swerves around, bobbling itself to face Amani Azaria. "Dunko? Never heard of 'em. Ye~eeees."

[16:44] Amani Azaria pushed forward an already made drink along with another glass filled with a suspiciously fruity green drink,'All yours. I heard the call for the Russian earlier. The other is apple vodka with some green food colouring for that added spooky effect.' Her head turning towards the male,'Yep. And I'm your barkeep.'

[16:46] Amani Azaria: "I said Dinko...Not Dunko....Also I wont spoil your secret. It's a party have fun. Next time try harder though~."

[16:46] Melody Hasuki: sighs a bit looking at her comm looking a bit upset.. " before putting it away with a yawn.

[16:46] Amani Azaria snickered softly as she munched on some pineapple pieces

[16:47] Storyteller || The horribly disguised Dinko Representative's glasses narrow themselves at Amani, squeezing themselves nearly entirely flat. It looks pointedly ridiculous. "Sure. Thanks." He scoffs, appearing confused, and steps away.

[16:48] Eurielle grabbed the two glasses, "Thank you kindly darlin. I appreciate ya." She'd wander to deposit one by Sylvie, and would head to search out the dogfish. Only before she'd give Sylvie a little bit of a credit debt from earlier! "Beacuse I don't want to forget my debts." She'd smile towards her as she was playing.

[16:49] [roe] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Nevahe Resident's [eurielle] gave <13500> credit to AelwynStarweaver Resident's [sylvie auger].

[16:50] Blanc: "Yay. Uh, Rum and coke... hold the rum." He'd say watching the woman leave with her glasses. "-Actually whatever that was. Green russian apparel?"

[16:51] Sylvie Auger: waves her sharktail at Eerie while she plays the piano, grinning up at her. "Thank you very much, sweetheart, for the drink and all~" Her tail wagged happily.

[16:51] Amani Azaria smiled at Eurie as she wandered off smirking at the Dinko man as he walked away,'Sure thing Slater~/

[16:52] Amani Azaria smiled at Eurie as she wandered off smirking at the Dinko man as he walked away,'Sure thing Slater~' Watching out of the corner of her eyes to see if her guess was right, turning to glance at the man,'Hm? Its just Apple Vodka with some food colouring, dunno why I added it but hey its for the party.' She'd turn to reach under the counter for a few things before handing over the glass.

[16:55] Blanc: /4 "Creativity is always a plus~ Cheers!' He'd wave as he walked away.

[16:56] Eurielle gave her a rather toothy grin, "Of course, hon. Thanks for coming out as well. I appreciate it." She'd chuckle, before wandering over towards the dog fish. "I'll be back in a moment." She'd chuckle. Giving the dinko guy a strange look as she wandered by, curious as to what his problem was really. She'd take that white russian with her.
[16:58] GCD - Grand Piano (MESH V3.2) whispers: Public access on.

[16:58] Storyteller || 'Dr. Quantum' Checks his wrist-mounted comlink, and appears momentarily shocked. His holographic head vanishes, and he hurries towards the exit.

[17:00] Ana Ka'rimah: chews on her cupcake, but has to lean back when Jazz reaches over her with his trident to steal a pastry. The cat stares at him. "...just preparing for the worst." She mumbles, peering at the other end of the party, watching for troublemakers.

[17:02] Eurielle would wander over, and tap the dog-fish on her shoulder a moment. Being careful if she turned around so that she couldn't spill it. "Darlin, here's your drink. Sorry if it took so long. Distracted by a robot." She'd look around to the others, "Anyone need a drink while I am here." She'd address the group as a whole, as she offered the drink to the dogfish.

[17:02] Ana Ka'rimah: asks, "Vodka."

[17:02] Gio Cabrerra looks over. "I'd like some water, if that's okay!"

[17:03] Kavick Valient raises a hand with a shout. "Rum and apple juice for me!"

[17:03] Jazz: Jazz grinned wide as the cupcake slooooowly drifts back across Ana's field of vision. However, it stop in the center of her line of sight. "Sinner...Sinner!" He laughs...tilting his wrist and dabbing a little chocolate frosting on her nose. "A curse upon ya! Ya dammed forever." The cue for drinks wasnt missed though, even with Shenannigans. "Whiskey! Make it a double!"

[17:03] Blanc: Excited at seeing someone else alone; would approach the Mythraii with a spring in his step and a smile~

"Hey you, what do they call a C-sec patrol on Halloween night?" He'd smile, dumbly holding back his excitement:

[17:04] Kayleigh James perks up one of her ears, turning around with a flourish. "Ah, thanks!" she says with a smile, floating on down to take her drink; sipping at it: Giving Eurielle a satisfied nod. "Thank you very much. And don't worry about it, I understand," she smiles, floating back towards the group.

[17:04] Monty Karsten raised a hand. "I'll have aa... glass of mango rum. Preferably Malibu."

[17:05] Gio Cabrerra tries to sneak in a stare at Kavick's abs.

[17:05] [roe] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Gio Cabrerra rolls 1d20 + 5
(2) - Unmodified
(7) - Modified

[17:05] [roe] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Monty rolls 1d20 + 3
(18) - Unmodified
(21) - Modified

[17:05] Eurielle with Kayleigh's drink, there came a piece of paper with eerie's contact information. And a note asking her to text her as it was important. She'd nod, taking down the drink orders of the others in the area. Opening up her communicator as it seemed to be going off like crazy, making a note of the drinks. "Anyone else before I leave?" She'd question lightly.

[17:05] Ana Ka'rimah: wrinkles her nose and leans back as he assaults her with a cupcake, before grabbing his trident and using her strength to bend it a little. "Get the hence, Satan." She grunts, before wiping icing off her nose. Luckily Gio is still in her field of view.

[17:06] [roe] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Ana Ka'rimah rolls 1d20 + 6
(17) - Unmodified
(23) - Modified

[17:06] Monty Karsten snickers at Gio... then follows his gaze. Oh.

[17:06] [roe] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Monty rolls 1d20 + -3
(3) - Unmodified
(0) - Modified

[17:06] A Dumb Bee is confused by all the rolling

[17:06] [roe] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Ana Ka'rimah rolls 1d20 + 6
(10) - Unmodified
(16) - Modified

[17:06] [roe] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Kavick Valient rolls 1d20 + 4
(12) - Unmodified
(16) - Modified

[17:06] Tabby would tilt her head?... neck? some at Blanc who comes up to her. "umm... Tabby isn't sure?" not quite fully realizing they are coming to make a joke

[17:07] A Dumb Bee just sort of wanders hopping off the building

[17:07] Danica: would bump her way between the guests until reaching jazz "Booo" she called out following a light giggle.

[17:08] Gio Cabrerra wonders where the fuck that bee dude just went

[17:08] Kayleigh James pulled out that fancy, fan-shaped comm device, typing away with one finger -Nearly sloshing the contents of her drink out, until she took another sip!

[17:08] Kavick Valient would catch Gio's stare, lifting his mask a bit, revealing his rather large grin. He'd give Gio a sly wink and lower his mask again.

[17:08] Eurielle smiled a moment, "Vodka, water, rum and applejuice, double whiskey and of course a malibu." She was going to need a bigger tray for all of this. She'd mutter to herself, seeming that nobody needed anything futher. She'd wander back to the bar, furiously typing up on her communicator.

[17:09] Ana Ka'rimah: stares at this strange ghost thing. "...'scuse me?"

[17:09] Blanc: "-a... SKELETON.... crew! Hehehe-ahhhhh. I'll be honest; I dont know what Halloween is... -something about skeletons." He hums happily. Excited to not look out of place.

He glances about before commencing his second line of question; "-How did your head come off without you dying? can you teach me that?"

[17:13] Eurielle she'd sigh, a moment. "Well if the night can be any more interesting." She'd state towards the tender, "Alright. Here's the orders at the moment. I need a vodka, water, Rum and applejuice, double whiskey as well as mango rum prefferably Malibu."

[17:13] Amani Azaria glanced over towards the cook reaching into a cubby to pull out a bottle of Vodka and holding it out,'You know you can just make it yourself right

[17:14] Amani Azaria glanced over towards the cook reaching into a cubby to pull out a bottle of Vodka and holding it out,'You know you can just make it yourself right? I'm not gonna bite your head off for making a drink you are working tonight.'

[17:14] Tabby would keep the neck tilted a little bit. as she.. lookd up at Blank about as confused at teh end of the joke as the start. "skeleton?... Tabby.. isn't fully sure on Halloween either.. though had heard about.. headless person.. so wanted to try." would raise the fake head in her arm some "Tabby made it as well as the neck area" The head would blink a bit as the mouth moved when she talked.. though its lips not quite syncing up to what she said.

[17:16] Daitou struts out of the lift and saunters over towards the bar because he spots a familiar face and another face that he wouldn't mind getting to know.

[17:16] Melody Hasuki: smiles " Oh Im fine with pouring it my self. " she takes a glass with some ice pouring a bit of vodka " just didnt want to step in your space is all." she walks back over sipping on her drink while she waits for any food orders.

[17:18] Amani Azaria: "No worries Love."

[17:19] Blanc: "Hm, well; it must be an old family secret, I wont press any further: I respect my elders~" He'd turn his normally placed head about seeing yet another person enter alone!

'Come'on! I don't get to hang out with you sort of people often." He'd offer walking towards the cybernetic.

'Hey! Whadda call a C-sec patrol on halloween night?" He'd ask her.

[17:20] Eurielle stepped towards Daitou, and she'd wrap an arm around his waist. Giving him a sort of side hug, "Well hello there darlin." One of the rare people she'd show affection too at face value, "Come to stop the fires." She'd grin towards him. "How ya doing?" She'd look towards Amani, "Did ya get my order for the group on the other side, darlin?" She'd question lightly. As she grabbed a tray, "It's a few."

[17:22] Amani Azaria dipped her head as she set a final few glasses in place after having been lost in her work. The woman pushed each one forward as she finished them and setting a couple of already empty bottles off to the side,'Done. Sorry. Working helps me think....sometimes to much.' She'd snort softly and offered a smile to the woman.
[17:22] Tabby would blink a bit under her clothes. she.. was a elder.. though probably not in the way he meant it. a bit confused before she watches the man jump over to another group.

[17:24] Daitou leans himself backward to request a order from Melody. "Ah, got any sweet platters I could help myself to? I'd like to indulge myself tonight, yeah?" He offers a cheery smile towards her before directing his attention back to the duo. "Well, as a firefighter, I go where the flames are hottest. So, here I am!" He cackles while slipping arm around Eurielle. "Am well, am well. Hard to not be when there is a party - party on a fucking roof!" The side-hug has him leaning into her a bit as well. "You working tonight? Free to take a break?" His questions are directed towards Eurielle. Amani. "Might I snatch a Mimosa? That'd be heavenly."

[17:26] NS 115-89-7271"Lizzie": takes a seat an motions for Blanc to join her, "No?...what do ya call them?"

[17:29] Blanc: "A skeleton crew- anyway drinks are free; Uh Do your kind... drink?" He'd rush the punchline this time but slow as he questioned her not wanting to upset or insult.

"If not; this is headless giiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrll?" He'd pause his introduction turning into a question; turning to take a second look; the first time he'd seen Tabby his attention was on her dismembered HEAD not her figure.

[17:29] Melody Hasuki: smiles putting a cupcake on a plate " enjoy its a pumpkin cake with whipped icing ." she giggles a bit " if you like any other treats let me know I can make just about anything."

[17:30] Eurielle grinned to him, "Well short stuff. I'm sure you can kindle the fires for me." She'd only grin, and reach out to poke him on the nose. "I am absolutely working tonight!" She'd give the little mutant an affectionate sort of amused grin. Before her communicator went off, and she pulled it up to her nose. "I.. what." A heavy sigh was given, sending off a communication. Something was certainly up at the moment, she was stressed out and tense. Daitou could probably easily tell, "Let me deliver these drinks. And perhaps I will very well take a bit of a break yea." She'd squeeze him a moment, before she'd let him go. She'd pile on drinks onto the tray and would linger, snickering at the terrible jokes. "Really, a skeleton crew." She'd mutter under her breath.

[17:31] Amani Azaria dipped her head as she listened to the small male, popping a grape into her mouth with happy munching noises. The bat worked quietly moving about glasses and various multicoloured liquids around before finally sliding a glass forward towards the male.

[17:32] [roe] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Frostii (felmane Resident) has used <1> disguise_kit.

[17:33] Tabby would step forward a bit as the man tries to introduce her "umm.. Tabby, Tabby is Tabby" offering a wave to him and Lizzie as well not quite sure if shes interrupting or not.

[17:34] NS 115-89-7271"Lizzie": takes a second to register the joke and laughs in responds, "This unit is able to drink, eat, & swallow but it serves no purpose..." Showing no signs of being upset or insulted. Turning her attention to Tabby. "Ah she is not headless but it would be wrong for this one to break the illusion, should this unit remove it's head too fit in at this party..." Pausing in her words to wave at Tabby.

[17:34] Daitou cackles. at Melody's offering. "Ah, yeah. Kickass.~ I'll take some hard candies, soft candies, and, uh, taffy." He goes on like a fat kid in the candy isle, no self control at the slightest. "Cheers, love." Daitou offers melody his sincerest thanks, probably a little exaggerated due to some pre-gaming. "Well, I've certainly got the hose to put out a coup-" He glances to Amani and Eurielle before darting his gaze towards Melody. "- a few fires tonight." A cackle is heard before up-nods. "Sure, sure. I'll shoot the breeze here." Daitou then asks in a hush hush tone. "Everything alright there?" His free hand scoops up the glass. "Cheers, love."

[17:35] Amani Azaria dipped her head and went back to enjoying her fruit.

[17:38] Spookstii slowly and wobbily walked through the doors, totally disguised. She was very drippy, but the disguise kit allowed her to keep form mostly for now. She slowly looks around, trying to see what there was to do up here.

[17:39] Melody Hasuki: raises a brow at daitou " well how convenient I have a couple taffy's on me at the moment.. " she reaches in her bar pulling out an assortment of candies ." Dont ask where I got these I wont tell." she giggles a bit before takeing a sip of her drink.

[17:39] Eurielle would gently hip bump Daitou, before she'd open her phone balancing the tray on one hand. "Tell nobody." And the text display was.. probably blowing it out of proportion. But she'd show him a single text message. "It's not too terribly bad at the moment.. people who know, do know." She'd mention, before she'd go and wander over to the group that had ordered the drinks. "Time constraint. One moment." She'd dissappear into the other corner with the tray of drinks.

[17:42] Kayleigh James tosses up a ltitle shrug, even as Kavick looked down her shirt! She smirked over to him rather wryly, adjusting her top -Doing little to change the amount of cleavage she was showing.The dog just fluttered on over to the couck beside Monty, settling down into the seat gently. "Thanks, I'm really quite pleased with how it turned out," she smiles to both Don and Gio.

[17:42] Blanc: 'WAIT shes NAWT!?" He'd fake, turning over his shoulder to the Mytharii behind him "You lied to me." he'd mime a scolding finger before returning his attention to the AI

"Grab a drink and Ill introduce you to my freeeeeind.... Uh.."

His eyes scanned around the party; looking for other lone prey to add to his flock. "Mouse girl.- thats her name; dont question her about it shes very self conscious" he'd grin walking towards the loner by the piano.

[17:43] Monty Karsten starts reciting Sopranos and Godfather lines to himself. "You come into my house on the day my daughter is to be married and you ask me to do murder - for money..."

[17:43] Ana Ka'rimah: just... stares at Monty.

[17:43] Molly welps and slinks off to look for somebody else he knows, since Danica vanished.

[17:43] Don Halford looks around. "...Seriously, am I only only one that gets the pun with my costume?"

[17:44] Monty Karsten gets excited... because he's already getting drunk. "I GET IT! IT's because... you're the DON!" He snickers.

[17:45] Don Halford claps. "FINALLY!"

[17:45] Monty Karsten seems proud of himself.

[17:45] Kavick Valient certainly got his eye-full, giving her a subtle wink from under his mask...not that anyone could see. He'd start looking for his next target to peek at, eyes settling on Gio now and that see-through dress.

[17:45] [roe] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Kavick Valient rolls 1d20
(6) - Unmodified

[17:45] [roe] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Ana Ka'rimah rolls 1d20 + 6
(6) - Unmodified
(12) - Modified

[17:45] [roe] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Gio Cabrerra rolls 1d20
(17) - Unmodified

[17:46] Don Halford: "As your reward, I won't put a horse'

[17:46] Gio Cabrerra (matenkuo.sauber): put a horse where

[17:46] Don Halford: s head in your bed overnight."

[17:46] Ana Ka'rimah: notes all these people staring at each other. She frowns, pursing her lips. Honestly. Shifting in her seat, she glances over at the rest of the party, going quiet as she drums her fingers on her thigh.

[17:46] Jazz: Jazz wonders WHERE gio was planning to put that horse -v-

[17:46] Eurielle slipped though the crowds, working. The little witchy woman would slip in and out of the people that ordered the drinks. The little wijtch hunter got her vodka, "Here ya go darlin." The foxy witch got her water, "And for you sweetheart." The giant purple bluish monster? Yeah he got that rum and apple juice he wanted. "And for you, big guy." Of course satin over there got his double whiskey that she'd pass him, "Here ya go, your evilness." And the blue furry one on the couch next to the dog fish got that Mango Rum, thankfully Malibu. "And for you." She'd slip back into the crowd, sort of not wanting to interrupt whatever they had going on here. However she did linger.

[17:47] Ana Ka'rimah: accepts her vodka and sips on it in irritation.

[17:47] Tabby would tilt her head a bit at Blanc "tabby.. said she made it.." before to Lizzie "not anything too.. complicated really." she was a bit confused overall

[17:48] Monty Karsten claps as he gets another drink. "Excellent.

[17:48] Monty Karsten tosses a credit chit Eurille's way, probably for way too much.

[17:48] [roe] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: AriTheFox Resident's [monty] gave <5000> credit to Nevahe Resident's [eurielle].
[17:48] Spookstii walks up to the headless cat, a bit of a confused look on her face.

[17:49] Don Halford shifts his position so he isn't standing behind everyone.

[17:49] Jazz: Jazz takes his well-awaited drink. "Yer saved from damnation t'day, lady." he'd chuckle. He then turns to Ana and her very visible grumpiness...and joins in on everyone's wandering eyes. Mm...Leather..

[17:49] [roe] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Jazz Smith rolls 1d20
(2) - Unmodified

[17:50] Gio Cabrerra couldn't see Kavick's eyes under that mask, but he could tell from how long it was pointed at him. He smiled to the woman as he took the glass, turning fully around and facing away from Kavick's eyes. If he's gonna stare.. "Thank you, Miss~" he said, giving her a small bow.

[17:51] Monty Karsten looks over at Ana now. Staring.

[17:51] Monty Karsten: drunkenly.

[17:52] Tabby would look at Blanc a bit longer still confused before blinking a moment as she looks a the one who walks up to her tilting her neck a bit.. probably only adding to the confusion.

[17:52] Ana Ka'rimah: slides a hand over her face, just watching the other end of the building, not noticing any stares. She sips from her vodka, lamenting her choice to leave the Tower - filing reports and paperwork seemed much more engrossing right now...

[17:53] Molly is just standing alone to himself, since his friends didn't show up. ;o; foreveralone.png

[17:53] Toshia Kyrees: "Lt. Have a drink with me?" She asked waving over the witch hunter.

[17:53] Kayleigh James continued to nurse at her drink slowly, the dog-fish fluttering her tail in front of her quietly. "So, ah. lovely weather tonight, huh?" she says with a little smirk, brushing a little hair out of her face.

[17:53] Eurielle smiled with the tip, "Thank you darlin, but the tip is unnecessary but I'll gladly take it." She'd finger gun towards Jazz. "That's too bad." She'd had to however laugh at whatever shenanigans were going on with this group. Lingering for a moment, just out of blatant curiosity as to what was going on. Tray became hooked between her arm. Her communicator pinged and she looked down a moment, her eyes softening. She'd reply quickly.

[17:53] Spookstii walks a bit closer to the headless cat, and waves a wobbly arm down at the head, looking for some kind of response.

[17:54] Kavick Valient didn't dare lift his eyes either, especailly as Gio, surely and innocently bent over. Certainly putting on quite the show. Poor Kavick was spaced out at that point, the tip of his mask pointed directly down at Gio, before he snapped out of his trance, looking around at the other people in the gathering. "It certainly is nice weather... veeeery nice~"

[17:54] Gio Cabrerra siiips his cold water and turns back to the group, noticing just how distraught Ana seemed. He walked over and set his staff down, holding his glass with both hands. "So uh.. What are you dressed as, Miss Ka'rimah? You look like a hunter of some kind."

[17:55] Don Halford chuckles at the antics, before moving to stand next to Kayleigh. "It is nice, I will say that." He pauses for a moment, then looks at her again. "Say, do you happen to know if Revenant managed to get his hand treated after last night's incident?"

[17:55] Ana Ka'rimah: glances over at Gio and Toshia, lips drawn into a thin line. "I already have a drink, officer. You're late." Bringing the glass up to her lips, she swallows more of the clear, alcoholic fluid. "Da. That is what I am." She responds to Gio, offering very little else.

[17:57] Monty Karsten calls out to Ana. "Lieutennaaaant. How are you feeling?" the medicat would ask.
[17:57] Eurielle seeming that the stare party was done, she'd wander back with that tray hooked under her arm. Time to take that small break. "Let me know if you need anything else, ya'll."

[17:57] Monty Karsten looked over Kayleigh's tail. "How are you not uncomfortable in that, by the way? Meant to ask earlier."

[17:58] Tabby would blink as well as her arm held head would as the Spookstii. "umm hello there" offering a wave with her free arm, her head's mouth would move as she talked though a bit off with its lip sync.

[17:58] Kayleigh James lifted one of her ears gently. "Mmh? He never mentioned it today when I was giving him a backup. Before he, well... Apparently took the 'long walk'," she grunts, brushing hair back out of her face. She glanced back over to Monty, smirking once more. "A lady has her secrets,~" she purred quiet playfully.

[17:58] Raven Meili would of course seek out Kavick in this party, not like he could really hide anyway. Getting right up next to him to tap at a thigh to try getting his attention and then...raise her arms up and make a rather grabby hands at him. Classic Raven.

[17:59] Spookstii grows slightly suspicious as the sound didn't exactly match the mouth, then attempts to wave a hand through where the head SHOULD be.

[17:59] NS 115-89-7271"Lizzie": followed right behind Blanc

[18:02] Kage Heavenrent looking over the cupcakes she'd happily take one before looking back up to Melody. "A simple steak would do well. Medium rare with light seasoning thank you." looking over to the apparent fireman she nods.

[18:04] Blanc: His eyes would come into contact with yet another lone soul to add tot he flock; soon he'd be able to look popular enough to win his own self imposed game. Approaching Molly almost hastily he'd question her with his one and only joke:

"What would you call a Skeleton crew- Hi." He'd rush, mixing the joke and the punchline clumsily; maybe sheer laziness to blame as he'd repeated it 6 times so far.

"No many people come to parties alone; -but I can respect a person who doesnt need wingmen to have a good time~!" he'd say, with a smile.

[18:04] Tabby would look over to Blanc as he waved, making her not notice the one in front of her reaching towards her "head". Their hand would pass right above her neck, though if the neck itself is touched would feel just a bit off. "ummm..."

[18:05] NS 115-89-7271"Lizzie": just stand there calculating in her head why Blanc has only told one joke but says he has more.

[18:07] Eurielle slipped behind the bar, seems she quite needed a drink on shift. She'd start making her own drink, whiskey sour. She'd get busy doing that, as she took up her stance behind the bar. Looking up towards the ghost type creature, glaring at her. And it would probably be quite obvious that she was scowling at her.

[18:08] Melody Hasuki: walks back to the stove turning on the burners before taking out a cut of beef cutting a slice off watching the fat content before seasoning the stake lightly with garlic and salt before placing the stake on the pan letting it sear some before takeing some onions letting it cook with the stake before useing a small bit of butter on each side of the stake to give the fat a slight crunch on the out side but keeping it medium rare shed then plate the stake placeing a small bay leaf on the plate with a wine sauce on the plate for decor. walking back over " here you go ma'am please enjoy."
[18:08] Molly cants his head, his glowing draconic yellow eyes to Blanc with a slow raise of his left eyebrow, he doesn't know what to take of him, he doesn't recognize him but regardless, he'll answer all the same. "Actually, I came here thinking my friends will be here, they told me that they'll be here, but whoops, I wound up wasting five thousand credits, so yeah, I'm going to beat them bad for disappointing me." He says, nodding, making a mental note of people who told him that they'll be there but never showed up. "Soo.. you want to liven up the party, eh? Up for a spar? I love to fight."

[18:09] Ana Ka'rimah: steps up to the bar and sets her glass on the counter. "Give me a refill, would you? Vodka."
[18:10] Daitou texts a bit as he stands nearby. "Steak, that sounds yummy." Perhaps later and after he is done having dessert first he'll place a order for one. The yeen watches the cooking with savoring eyes as that candy is still rolled about in his mouth. It seems he'll be bidding his time as Kage is served her meal. Daitou waves to Eurielle during their return, it's a gesture of welcoming her back.

[18:10] Spookstii would wave the hand through where Tabby's head should be a few times, challenging her entire understanding of solids. She sees those angry eyes on her from Eurielle, as her eyes were actually just visual formations. She turns and gives a unknowing shrug, not understanding why the woman seemed to dislike her.

[18:12] Blanc: "Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh- You know; talking is KINDA like sparing... except not~: Can we do that instead?" He'd step back a single step to be side by side with NS 115.

[18:13] Eurielle when the little ghost turned her head, she only assumed she was looking at her. And was garnished a wide toothy grin, as if to say 'I'm watching you' without words. When the witch hunter came up with her request she would grab the vodka bottle, in the process of making her own drink. It was flipped three times between her fingers, "Of course darlin." She'd smile, giving her a double shot of the vodka into the glass she'd brought back towards her. Neat that it had one of thoes easy pour nozzles, "Just vodka, anything else?" She'd question her. Catching the movement out of her eye, and she'd shoot Daitou a friendly amused wiggling of her brows.

[18:13] Tabby would would tilt her head.. neck... at the swishes.. "ummm.. is something wrong?.. can Tabby help you?" Blinking a bit as she hears someone talking about sparring... probably... not the best place to do that here.

[18:14] Kage Heavenrent taking the plate she nods. She'd simply move the plate to the corner where she'd cut it up into small parts then pops one into her mouth like a savory snack. Letting the flavor roll over her tongue she finally swallows it. "Expertly done thank you." her cupcake would be sitting next to the plate waiting patiently for her to pay attention to it eventually as well.

[18:15] NS 115-89-7271"Lizzie": seem to snap out of it as she was still confused as too why he kept telling the same joke. Looking over at Blanc and asking, "Sparring....does this unit need to initiate combat mode?"

[18:16] Melody Hasuki: smiles giving a bow " thank you ma'am." she giggles looking over at daitou " you know eating sweets before your main course is well .. " she stops her self " bah im no parent enjoy your sweets but if you want a stake to Im more then happy to cook you one."

[18:16] Spookstii just shrugs at Eurielle again, not really understanding what the woman meant or if she wanted something. She looks back to Tabby, then her comm lights up as it gets typed on inside her. She brings it forward for Tabby to see:

[18:16] Ana Ka'rimah: shakes her head. Taking the glass, she murmurs, "Spasibo." and leaves a credit chit before turning to leave again.

[18:16] [roe] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: suethecake Resident's [ana ka'rimah] gave <2500> credit to Nevahe Resident's [eurielle].

[18:17] Eurielle missed that but caught the droids words and would point a finger, "I swear if you start sparing at this party, I'm gonna throw both of you off this rooftop." Threat and promise both! She'd call over towards the little maid dressed male. And the robot. "Tempt me, and I'll do it." Came the probably empty threat from the female. She'd spin the bottle back normal, would stow it under the counter. "Thank you kindly, darlin." She'd state as she stowed the credit chip under the counter.

[18:19] Molly has been designed for combat, exclusively so it's understandable how easily he leans towards such situation, the declination made him pout in disappointment. "C'monnn, there's a thrill in fucking shit up, even when it's a fancy party." He eagerly wriggles his hips side to side, showing his feminine figure out, and he turns his attention towards NS. "Sure, wait... shit. I can't cause trouble anymore, no. Nix-xay on sparring... goddamn, I'm so bored. I wish my friends were here." He sticks his reptilian tongue out at Eurielle. "I'd like to see you try, at least I'll be able to regenerate from that kind of fall! And it'll be fun!"

[18:21] Tabby would tilt her head a bit more as she had some trouble trying to read the comm message "umm she made it" raising her head in hand a bit. Before looking over to Molly. tilting her head some at least hearing it seems spar wouldn't be happening.

[18:23] Daitou cackles at that. "Yeah, I love sweets. Can't get enough of them!" He beams with a gleeful smile. Daitou leans back a bit and looks to the commotion nearby. The runt shakes his head before bringing his attention back towards Melody. "Any specials tonight? Terms of eating or snacking on stuff?"

[18:24] Eurielle finished making that whiskey sour, and she'd lean an elbow on the counter. Nearly glaring daggers towards the male dressed maid. IF looks could kill. Since he stuck his tongue out at her, she'd lift her free hands pointing two fingers at her own eye, and turning that extended hand to point at him. "I'm watching you. If you think it's fun, I can always volunteer to throw you off on your way out. Quicker then taking the elevator you know." She did have a shit-eating grin on her features as she took the time to take a sip of the whiskey.

[18:25] Raven Meili made her way back on over to Kage, sure noticing Daitou but her focus was on Kage with trying to hook an arm into hers once more as she'd coo out "Miss me~?"

[18:25] Blanc: -Would interrupt before anymore animous could be spread: "OKAY, You cant get in trouble? Thats good. Lets h-hold on to that." He'd stutter, with a nervous smile.

Turning to NS 115 he'd shrug before turning back to Molly; "Dont kill anyone. Ill be right back."

As he turned away he'd do a head count "Lets see; 1,2,3......4? 4. Yeah. 4 is a number we can do 4...." He would pause turning to look back at where tabby had been and spotting the mytharii girl speaking with yet another loner he'd mutter to himself; "5."

The 7th rendition of the joke hit an all time low as Blanc seemingly gave up saying the same pick-up line over and over; instead leading with the corpse of the joke as he approached his last victim: 'Skeletons. Their... funny?" He'd state; it sounding more like a question before he continued: flicking a thumb back at NS 115: 'She's an AI, your an AI; you've got so much in common, want to.... BE in the same general area as her for a long period of time?"

[18:27] Melody Hasuki: smiles " in fact someone ordered something nice that I think you would enjoy pumpkin spice fries.. of course I make them with sweet potato and and makeing them a tad savory to get that nice slalt fix if you want to try personally I like mine with ranch .. "

[18:28] NS 115-89-7271"Lizzie": looks over at Eurielle as she yelled, just as she was about to initiate her combat mode. Returning her stance to normal, a slight smirk would appear on her lips just for a split second at Molly's words. Acting like a normal companion bot again & smiling up at Blanc. "If it is the last time you tell that joke, it is taxing on my hardware to hear it repeated so much..." laughing & sauntering over to the bar, waving Molly over.

[18:28] Spookstii didn't seem to have any of her confusion cleared up by Tabby's words, then types out another message inside her to show to Tabby: [bugt... hoew dfo you... noyt hafve a normkal heafd?] She then looks to Eurielle and seems to chuckle silently, causing her whole body to shake fluidly. She then looks a bit confused at Blanc, and types another message on the comm floating in her stomach for him to see: [whgat? whaft is a skleleton? i dojn't undferstand yoiu solifds... and whart is an ai?]

[18:28] Daitou finger wiggles to Raven for a idle wave in her direction. Other than that, his attention would be mostly focused on Melody for the time being. "Pumpkin fries with sweet potato? That's damn genius, sounds delicious. I'll take that when my sweet fix is over with." Though, with Eurielle back at the bar, he might slip that way in a moment. That wouldn't be without offering, "Hey ah, if you go on break. C'mon over with me and we'll have some drinks with Eurielle, yeah? That'd be nice." He strolls towards the bar but would keep enough distance so he could continue the conversation.

[18:28] Kage Heavenrent would pop another small cube of steak into her mouth and swallowing before she turns back to Raven. "Of course I did. I was entirely too lonely with you gone." she grins again, hooking her arm into Raven's before motioning to the plate of meat. "Help yourself yea? I also took the liberty of ordering you a couple things. They're on their way if you are interested."

[18:31] Molly bobs his head as if agreeing with something, speaking to Blanc. "Yeah, I know. I ain't supposed to start shit when I'm in Marshals, y'know but I get bored constantly when I'm constantly ignored, or dumped. I mean, for God's sake, I even turned Beatrix's bounty in, but yet I'm not even lauded a hero. Not even a parade. Nothing, it's like, I've been forgotten after my ten minutes of fame. Jeez." He mutters through his teeth and upnods Angel as she shows up. "Hey there." He follows NS' gesture, following her. "Yeah yeah, fine. Jeez..."

[18:31] Raven Meili tilts her head back with a quick "Hah!" before looking to that motioned plate with a thoughtful hum before reaching her free hand out to pluck one up to pop into her mouth to chew on. A questioning "Hm~?" at the mention of things being ordered for her.

[18:32] Tabby would tilt her head just a but at Spook "well umm.. its on her? lets se... ummm.." trying to think of how to explain it before lifting her tie, revealing a slit in the clothes underneath before parting the slit some until her eye was visible for a moment before dropping the tie back down. "hard to talk and see a little.

[18:34] Kage Heavenrent taking another bite she grins. "Well I'm pretty sure I got your measurements right so I'm having a couple of outfits delivered for you. We'll see if you like them yea?" she moves her tail to wrap around Raven's waist as she watches the woman.

[18:34] Blanc: "-It was joke; I-i-it doesnt matter; -do you two know each other?" He'd question mainly looking to Tabby as he was unaccustomed to the cybernetic tones of the blazing blue figure.

He'd turn to try and catch eye of molly; the fight hungry potential serial murderer who he wasnt thrilled to have directly behind him in STABBING range.... but he also had NS 115 there too.... and he was willing to bet (even though they'd known each other for all of 20 minutes.) that she'd help him out.

[18:35] Angel RoseWolf: looks over the table.

[18:36] Eurielle leaned over the counter towards Daitou, "I really need a smoke break. And I'm sad to say I am absolutely out of smokes." She'd had sort of a little frown, "But would you like anything to drink, Daitou." She'd inquire of him, as she was bartender on duty. Looking down to check her comms a moment out of curosity.

[18:36] Melody Hasuki: smiles looking up at angle " why hello there would yo ulike something? feel free to take any of the treats I have set out."

[18:36] NS 115-89-7271"Lizzie": Looks at Molly, "Do ya drink cause ya sound like ya need a drink."

[18:36] Molly notes that almost everybody is now in stabbing range due to his usage of heavy spear, which easily does 30 damage per strike, but who really knows that, right?

[18:37] Angel RoseWolf: you've made these?..Nice,,, what you Use for the Froststing?

[18:38] Molly pipes up cheerfully. "I'm an extremely violent drunk!"

[18:38] Spookstii just shakes her head, not wanting to think about that anymore. She looks to Blanc and shakes her head again, typing out: [thgink i saew her onfce befgore, but... no clufe.] It was exclusively text, no audio.

[18:38] Angel RoseWolf: Takes Waving Cupcake..

Stands quietly looking over the crowd, trying to guess
Whosiee Whatsis behind the disguises, mutters;
Is there anybody left from the old Dawn crowd ?

[18:39] Daitou feels around and pats at his backside, he feel a half full body of smokes. "I got some on me. You need some?" He'd query with a forward lean against the bar. "I'll offer some to you if you spend your break time with me." Daitou beams a inviting smile as he states his trade. "I'll take another mimosa, They're so tasty."

[18:40] Raven Meili tilted her head to a side "What...kind of outfits? If their hideous I'm so sending it back." she'd jest. Tensing up some with that tail coming about her waist and she'd shudder slightly, hands going about a pat to said tail with "H-hey, knock that off."

[18:40] Tabby would scratch her head a little "not.. really Tabby thinks?.." reading the text "have we met?" seeing as they were more in disguise than the one tiem the met before.. and without a name didn't know they ewre one who wanted to buy something before.

[18:42] Melody Hasuki: leans on the counter looking at all the geust sipping her drink with a smile on her face. yawning a bit.

[18:44] Angel RoseWolf: smiles warmly and Thanking melody for the Cup Cake"Thank yo ulove ill be sure to Enjoy this,,

[18:44] Eurielle nearly whined just a slight moment, "Please. And yes I will." She'd actually pull out a pitcher of properly made mimosa that had been sitting for the last four hours, one of the things she also adored. She'd pour it out of the pitcher, as it had been stewing in a cooler the entire time. She'd slide a large glass in front of him, she'd look around wondering if she could quite possibly take some kind of a break. Seeing as nothing had been going on exciting down here. She'd still watch the crowd out of the corner of her eye, prepared if anyone was going to ask for a drink.

[18:45] Melody Hasuki: smiles looking to angel " no problem have a good time at the party need any other snacks coem on by."

[18:45] Blanc: "Thats okay; you know each other now. FRIENDS! FRIENDS ALL AROUND! -Now lets all be friends." he praised backing up to a more quite (and easy to see location)

As he did so hoping the others would... simply follow he took a figurative step back aswell to admire his work; he came in a zero who'd staggered in from the streets and with no real idea he'd managed to corral 5 patrons to his newly formed Cliche:

SURE, one of them didn't speak, another threatened to fight him and a third had no head but who was keeping track besides him. He looked popular and for once he was hanging out with people who didn't want to stab him-


Now he could enjoy the party properly: a facade of popularity.

[18:47] Spookstii listens to Tabby's question then shakes her head, not wanting her to remember the awkwardness of before. She then just shrugs and decides to follow after Blanc, not having anything better to do.

wrinkles her nose (what is left of it) at the smell of pumpkin spice
and begins weaving her way through the crowd to the source.
Mutters to herself: Wow, what a Cupcake ! And the pastries are
not half bad, either. Asks politely: may I try a spicy one, please ?

[18:51] Melody Hasuki: smiles looking at janus " why go ahead the icing is whipped just the way I like it and its not too heavy for those watching their figure. not to if you like pumpkin Im your girl .. I can make non pumpkin stuff too but wheres the fun in that."
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[18:51] Kage Heavenrent simply shakes her head. "The outfits themselves are good enough. The question is if they look good on you or not. You've got the shape for them and they are simple enough." she'd look to the door as a courier would arrive with the packages, two dresses still in plastic would be brought over. Upon taking the dresses she holds them out to Raven to see. Pulling her tail off she waits. "See if you can try them on and if you think they suit you yea?"

[18:52] Molly's eyes narrow upon the strange button embedded in the center of NS' chest, right above her tits. "Soooo.. what is that for anyways?" He asks, reaching out to try poking the button with his finger to see what would happen. "That's a pretty nifty costume."

[18:52] Tabby would tilt her head a bit at spooks, before stretching otu some as seh walks up to the middle area didn't really know many people here, her wings would flap behind her a few times as she does.

[18:53] NS 115-89-7271"Lizzie": Goes to answer Molly as her button is tapped, shutting her down.

[18:54] Blanc: Would peer behind him trying to keep track of alll his new 'friends' spying Molly and Ns; 'HEY! Dont shut down my friend!" He'd protest as he tried to mother goose this band of misfits.

[18:56] Raven Meili still squirmed about some as that tail slid away from her, letting out a bit of a huff before looking at those dresses with a few blinks of those red eyes "If you think you can buy me clothes to take home and try on then well..." hips bobbing about side to side before "You're absolutely right! Cause...I'm so not changing here."

[18:57] Eurielle was mainly watching the crowd at this moment, and did happen to have wide eyes towards the sudden shutting off of the droid. "Turn the poor little thing back on." She'd shake her head, narrowed eyes were focused on the little group of misfits that were either trying to start a fight between them, or powering eachother off. Somehow there was a joke to be had at this entire little dinner show at the moment.

[18:59] Janus: .
Gingerly picks up a cupcake, noticing the rich icing
and the moist cake, breathes in happily and says:
if you have used actual pumpkin in the recipe, I
am your fan for life. Her eyes widen as she tastes
and she says, you _did_ ! Mmm..Wunderful !

[19:01] Molly blinks rapidly, surprised to find out that the button isn't part of her costume. "What the fuck? Why would somebody PUT an easy button on her chest? Anybody fighting her can dash up to her and give her tits a smack, BOOM! Game over. Looks like I'll have to modify this robot by tearing the button out, patch her weaknesses up, then power her back on via my cyberdeck." He considers on the idea, until he overheards Eurielle. "Yeah yeah, I thought that the button was fake, only an idiot would put a button on via somewhere easily accessible." He gives the button a poke, powering Eurielle back on, and he glances over at Blanc. "Oh, relax, would you?"

[19:02] Melody Hasuki: smiles " I have my ways of cooking ." she leans back some happy that she could provide people food. before looking at her com again with a frown. before takeing another sip of her drink.

[19:03] Tabby would blink some as she looks over to Molly and Lizzie "is.. something wrong?" asking in a slightly muffled voice as she takes af ew steps back over to see if anything was wrong r if things are alright now

[19:03] NS 115-89-7271"Lizzie": raises back up as her programming finishes rebooting, "Thats actually my power switch." Not even aware she was shutdown.

[19:04] Eurielle just laughed, with a shake of her head. "Oh if only life could be solved with an easy button." She'd idly comment before she'd take a sip of her drink. Satisfied that the little droid was turned back on.
[19:05] Spookstii glances back to the two others Blanc had corralled, just giving up a shrug.

[19:06] Blanc: Would wave over the last of his new group seeing NS power back on; with a huff he'd yell over the crowd to them: "HEY! Don't CEASE life; thats not good for a party!"

[19:07] Molly hollers back at Blanc. "I've ceased seven so far! Don't you worry none!"

[19:07] Janus: .
smiles back, says 'First Class' and nibbles the cupcake
while watching the other guests from behind the frosting.
[19:07] Blanc: Worry increases.

[19:07] NS 115-89-7271"Lizzie": looks over at Blanc confused at his words.

[19:08] Eurielle (nevahe) snickering increases as she took a sip.

[19:08] Kage Heavenrent she'd nod. "Well that works out for me. We can work out the details on the way." looking over to Melody she slides the plate back, taking one more cube of meat. "Thank you for the delicious food." her tail picks up the cupcake as she turns to lead Raven off.

[19:08] Spookstii seems to laugh uncontrollably at Molly's comment, shaking and jiggling fluidly and violently. There was no audible sound, however.

[19:09] Tabby would look back betweent he two confused as they holler "there... isn't a need to yell.. and.. shouldn't.. cease life..."

[19:10] NS 115-89-7271"Lizzie": joins in the yelling to not feel left out, "WHAT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT?"

[19:10] Melody Hasuki: waves " it was my pleasure " she listens to the music and enjoys the nice cool foggy night.

[19:11] Daitou snaps back into it. Maybe that drink was stronger than he originally thought. "Ah, what?" DAitou gives

himself a couple slaps on his own cheek before looking back towards Eurielle. "Sorry, dozed off there." His poured mimosa is sipped on once more. "Good thing I walked here. Don't think I could drive anywhere."

[19:12] Raven Meili lets out a thoughtful hum, looking over those clothes Kage had a moment before she was sure following along. Curious about them indeed though that damn tail...

[19:13] Janus: .
shakes her head at the talk of field-modding a droid
and whispers to an NPC bystander; Why do all that
when a Stat-Tight cover, a decorative ornament, would
prevent anyone but the owner from pushing her buttons /

[19:14] Molly glances down at his wrist. "Well... almost time for bed anyways." He turns around and slinks off to the exit, mainly because the player wants to see what the fuck is going on down there.

[19:18] Janus: .
jumps, whispers fiercely: No need to shout. What? Now?
I am at the party, first fun and food I've had in a week.
Oh all right; On my way. She snags another cupcake,
waves to the pastry chef, and leaves the scene.

[19:18] Eurielle rolled the golden gaze back onto Daitou, "Ah darlin. It's probably a good thing." She'd extend a hand out towards Daitou. Again that gloved finger tapped him on the nose. "Though if you drink enough, I'll make sure you get in a bed." She'd only grin towards him. Finally reaching up to get that extra frosted cupcake's frosting with a generous dab on her finger. She'd known it was there the entire time. She'd bring that purple frosting down to her lips stealing a taste for now. She hadn't even had a break to get some food or snacks yet.

[19:19] Blanc: "-and there she goes." He says stoic to himself watching his trusty and somewhat stabby 5th leave for the elevator.

"Okay. 4. 4 is alright. right? He'd question the slime in-front of him before answering his own question anyway. "4 is fine."

"Come on ladies~ gather up!"

[19:20] Toshia Kyrees: got up as she rubbed the back of her head. She bleated softly and headed over to the bar.

[19:21] Spookstii glances to Toshia as she passes by, but otherwise does nothing. She looks back to Blanc, then offers up a shrug
[19:21] Daitou raises up his glass. "Ah, hell yeah." He snickered as the nose boop causes him to sniffle a bit. "This is delicious." He speaks up at first but trails off as he watches her sample the frosting. "That looks delicious too." More of that bubbly orange is gulped down. "Let me know when you want that break and such. I'm still down for that." Daitou muses whilst staring blankly towards her, he'd probably be caught staring.

[19:21] Eurielle when the creature came wandering towards the bar, she'd wave towards her. "What can I get you, pretty thing?" She'd inquire towards her.

[19:21] NS 115-89-7271"Lizzie": goes to join Blanc and the others as Molly left but seems to be heading towards the bushes by the piano, climbing them. Before jumping off.

[19:22] Tabby would tilt her head at Blanc a bit before looking to Lizzie as they apparently just go and jump off the building moving towards the edge flapping her wings some as she looks down "is.. she going to be alright?" unable to make out below through the fog

[19:23] Melody Hasuki: sighs looking over at eurielle " welp it seems my lover couldnt make it after all."she finshes off her drink then takeing another cupcake stuffing her face. " I love food.."

[19:24] Sylvie Auger: flicks the switch on the piano, turning on the auto-player mode. She groans and stands, going over to the bar, frowning and whimpering softly as they sit in a stool, limply laying her hands on the bar. "O-one whiskey, please.. with a straw.." She whimpers, having the cartoony face with almost closed eyes and a squiggly mouth.

[19:25] Blanc: Would watch as NS plunged willingly from the side of the building seemingly ending her life rather then being a part of his 'gal pals' with a paced sprint he'd peer over the side of the roof with Tabby into the mist.

"...Thats... probably okay... probably. She'll-.... I sometimes do that ..." he lied, keeping his worried gaze over the side before pushing off to walk to the slime once again; eyes wide.

[19:26] Eurielle absolutely caught Daitou staring, a little harmless flirting did nobody wrong in this instance. And besides, she'd have to get some sort of entertainment. "Well you know, I'd absolutely love to take that break with ya darlin." She'd lick her lips, wiggling her brows towards Datiou. "Take a picture, it'd last longer." She'd blow him a teasing kiss, before turning towards Melody a moment. She'd frown, would have mentioned something about it. But now wasn't the time nor place, "You can make some more cupcakes to set out, and come take a break." She'd state, looking out for the other workers rather then herself. Concern predominant on her features, she'd look up to Auger taking a break from playing music. Whipping out a whiskey bottle, she'd spin that half-full bottle between one hand. The deft little display amused her as she'd pour a double whiskey, added a lemon garnish and pushed it right in front of Auger. With a bright purple crazy straw. Taking note of her probably sore hands.

[19:27] Spookstii watches in surprise as the bot just... jumps off. She shrugs it off, didn't really know or care about them anyway. She also figured the robot probably had some ludicrous shock-absorbtion, or somethin'.

[19:31] Daitou is startled a bit at that he was caught red handed. "Oh, sorry.~" Daitous scrunches his eye closed before opening them. It looked like he was trying to wipe the memory from his head but he totally wasn't! A idea pings in his head. "Oh! I didn't get a spinny straw of shame?" He cackles delightfully before slumping forth over the bar. "I ah, actually have those build in eye cameras." Daitou peeks another stare. The runty yeen chirps to Melody. "Yeah! C'mere and take a load off. Chill with us. I welcome more people to take pictures of!"

[19:32] Melody Hasuki: huffs " nope no breaks for me you need one more .. id offter to take over the bar but Id make a mess." she giggles leaning on the counter " plus I have nothing to do not much of a social butterfly." she takes another bite out of her cupcake.

[19:33] Sylvie Auger: bows her head in thanks to Eurielle, giving her a weak smile. She leans in and drinks from the straw with a light whimper, before stating... "You wouldn't happen to have any Ice would you..? Even just like.. a ziplock bag of ice would help.." She smiles nervously, letting out a soft giggle.

[19:33] Blanc: "I will be completely honest with you two. having two people seemingly FLEE my presence HAS dampened the mood; BUT THREE is a good number; ... It comes BEFORE 4 so...uhh...Tabby step away from the edge." He adds, not willing to chance ANOTHER bailout.

[19:35] Spookstii seems to chuckle silently at Blanc's statement, not really sure what else to do.

[19:37] Eurielle waved her hand, "I'm the manager." She'd snap her fingers towards Melody, "Fifteen minute break. Now." She'd glare at her, quite litterally demanding that she come over here and sit. To rest her feet, "Tell me what you want, and I'll get it for you." She'd pull out another crazy spinny straw of shame, and the mimosa pitcher. Refilling his drink, and sticking that pink straw in hsi cup for him. "Of course you have cameras built in." She'd then lean down, grabbing some ice. Taking off her gloves, she'd put a whole bunch of ice in a bowl. She'd inch over the counter, and hold her hands out towards Auger. "Let me have your hands, sweetheart."

[19:39] Daitou shakes his head. "Nonesense, love." He'd clearly disagree with Melody claiming that she isn't a social butterfly. "I quite enjoyed our talks that we had, yeah?" He brings his attention back towards Eurielle so he could continue the talking. "Aw, kickass!" He sips out of that silly straw of shame. With the way he sips that orange bubbly, there is no shame here! That or he didn't care. Once Melody comes over, he chirps. "Ayy, there we are!"

[19:40] Blanc: After many highs and lows Blanc would finally have a group of his own... 3 shy but that was okay; the best things in life came in 3's:


He couldn't think of any at the moment.

"WOW, Look at all you TWO. The BEST friends a guy could ask for: you all trusted ME; a perfect stranger to give YOU both a well deserved fun time. WELL -I promise you your faith won't have been misplaced and while others might choose instead to... DIE; I'd like to congratulate you both on making the right choice." He smiles before turning off all pretenses: '- Now what the fuck is Halloween?" he poised; the first genuine words that'd left his mouth all evening.
[19:40] Melody Hasuki: giggles a bit walking around to have a seat " thank you for the break ma'am" she rubs her head some " give me something sweet and festive but will knock me into next morning." she giggles looking to daitou " well i might be a little social.. just a bit."

[19:42] Spookstii seems to continue chuckling at Blanc, then just shrugs at his question. She didn't know either, just knew that she had to dress up and that ghosts were in fashion... she thinks.

[19:42] Sylvie Auger: nods a little and lifts her hands, holding them out towards Eurielle. "And people were impressed when someone played violin for 45 minutes... try piano for two and a half hours..." She muses, still making that cartoony pained face. "Thank you, Miss Eerie.."

[19:46] Tabby would scratch her head a bit "ummm.. Tabby thinks it was a holiday or something? she.. honestly hasn't looked much into it.. though seems... odd things seem to happen around the time."

[19:46] Eurielle she'd make her a white russian, with a bit of a twist of pumpkin spice quickly before she'd set that in front of Melody. She'd then take each of Sylvie's hands in turn, she'd give them probably a well needed massage. It went on for several long moments before she'd place the first hand in ice, then she'd rotate to the second hand. Same deal, a soft and gentle hand massage. She'd look towards Daitou for a moment, "You know, that was supposed to be a straw of shame. Not for you to enjoy it." She'd roll her eyes, finding that it was quite endearing that he endjoyed the straw shame. "But I'll make a note to serve your drinks with them since you like them so much." She'd state as she'd place Sylvie's other hand into the ice as well. Glancing ocasionally towards the crowd with a sort of smile, "There's no need to thank me, Miss Auger. " She'd perk a brow at Melody, "Do you even have a license if you don't I wouldn't even be allowed to entertain that thought darlin."

[19:47] Feya Wildcat walked out from the elevator and looked around at the plasma, then turned to her date for the evening. "Not bad if I do say so myself Vaako."

[19:48] Daitou feels his smile brighten up to one toothy grin. "Ah, see~ I knew it. And yeah, you ah in luck. Let's get plastered!" He would take a gulping shot but he just sips and probably slurps that vibrantly colored silly straw. The liquid loops, turns, and runs the twisted straw course before wetting Daitou's tongue. He would be convinced that this actually makes the drink taste better - chalk it up to nano-machines. Daitou beams. "Yeah, it's awesome. I'd give you my big tip for each time you do it, it's the best of both worlds- wait is that the right thing to say?"

[19:48] Sekan Vaako heads up to the roof, smiling as he spots Feya at the top, "Sorry to keep you waiting." He smiles and loops his arm for her, "Thank you. You're looking quite stunning, yourself." he says, purring softly.

[19:51] Feya Wildcat would give a gentle nod as she hooked around his arm. "You are as well tonight. Looking quite handsome in all that gear. Lead on Spartan~"

[19:51] Blanc: Would sigh at both of their answers rubbing his face with his paws; "Ill be real with you. I don't know what Im doing here." He huffs turning to look over the railing.

"I just wanted to hang out with fancy people, on top of a fancy building... with fancy- uh... Whatever a crêpe is. - I think you put it in your mouth..."

[19:52] Sekan Vaako nods, leading them to the dancefloor, "May I have this dance, m'lady?"

[19:53] Angel RoseWolf: waves as she passes Getting other cupcake...

[19:53] Eurielle nearly snorted to that comment, "I'm sure you'd happily give me your big tip." She'd however quip back quickly, waving to the newcomers at the elevator. "Welcome!" She'd smile, calling out to them. "Enjoy the party, and I can grab your drinks if you'd like." She'd turn back to daitou, shaking her head. "Well I wont stop you, if that's what you'd like to do darlin." She'd really want to sneak a bite of the cupcake on top of her head. Thought about it, but didn't want to be rude to thoes at the bar. Well known or not. She'd turn to melody, "Drink up buttercup, you deserve the break." And she'd even take the time to spin another bottle of whiskey in her hand, refilling Auger's drink. No, no. She wasn't trying to get any of the people at the bar drunk. Not at all! Employees or not.

[19:53] Toshia Kyrees: ... This has been a waste of time..."

[19:53] Feya Wildcat followed up and places her pumpkin onto one of the fountains, enjoying the soft music from the piano. "Yes you may my good sir~"

[19:53] Angel RoseWolf: Takes other Cupcake and leave a bit of a tip for the Baker,,

[19:56] Spookstii gives him another shrug, then watches as the massive group stands right next to them. She types out a little message and shows it to Blanc:

[19:56] Sylvie Auger: jumps and hisses out a breath as her hands meet the ice, but she sighs softly at their numbing properties. "Ooohh, thats kinda better, yeah... Goddamn..." She takes a long drink from her straw, eyes closing for a moment while she relaxes. "So uh... how are things going? Is it just general breaktime?" She asks, looking over at Melody.
[19:56] Melody Hasuki: giggles a bit before raising a brow:" I have a vendors license but umm " she takes a bigger sip. of her drink " Mind If I go take a breather I need to walk around a bit Ill be back shortly."

[19:57] Tabby would mover her hand to scratch her head.. but couldn't.. due to her costume.. "well.. Tabby never really been to a event like this herself either.. wanted to see. if your talkinga bout food.. or.. umm.. free things she thinks its the food and drinks at the stand over there under the tent."

[19:59] Eurielle nodded a moment, she'd beckon towards the seemingly upset female standing in the walkway stating it was a waste of time. She'd call over to Toshia, "Hey darlin, let me get you a drink." She'd call out happily beaming towards her, turning back towards Auger, "Mandatory employee break time." She'd wave Melody off, "Go for it, take a walk around lovely." She'd look up to the red female loitering, "Hello darlin. May I get you something to drink?" She'd ask the seeming dragon/lizard thing in front of her.

[19:59] Daitou laughs in a lighthearted tone. "Yeah, maybe, when you ah off or something. I will be a gentlemen in not do that here. Cause I don't have enough credits to give you one right now." He speaks with that intoxicated slur to his voice. Those Mimosas are getting to him which leaves him nice and buzzed and easily impressionable. Thankfully, this means that he is going to have a even better time now! "Yeah this is best. Surrounded by friends, what a night to remember." Melody gets a nod. "Ah, go take a walk. Lemme know if you want company but I probably should just stay in the stool else I'll topple over."

[19:59] Sayeri Tahlis smiles and steps forward, taking the empty chair in between the patrons in front of the bar "Hmmm" she thought to herself, leaning against the table and observing her surroundings.

[20:00] Sekan Vaako sets his shield down on next to the fountain as well, joining Feya on the dancefloor and smiling, leading them in a slow dance.

[20:00] Blanc: Would fast steal himself from his melancholy to the tents Tabby had pointed to before glancing down at the glowing slime's tablet eying the words.

"Yeeeah~ free stuff. Is that what fancy people do for a good time? no wonder their all fat." he'd say moving towards the tent with a look over his shoulder; 'come'on~"

[20:02] Spookstii listens with interest to Tabby, then quickly follows Blanc over.

[20:02] Danica: wraps her paws around spookstii with a grin "Found you"

[20:02] Eurielle tapping her fingers infront of Sayeri, "What would you like pretty thing?" She'd question her, looking towards Daitou with a tilt of her head. "Need a refresh you say?" She'd tease him, "If your not falling out of your seat, you haven't had enough to drink." She'd state towards Daitou.

[20:03] Toshia Kyrees: sighs as she sits down, the little creature just stares at the woman. " Water please...."

[20:03] Feya Wildcat accepted his hands with a smile,listening to the talk of the crowd at the same time she was spun around by Sekan. "So.. I wonder on how many more couples will enter the department.."

[20:03] Tabby would nod.... or at least try to before going ahead and following not having much else to do, besides the dancing couple there not many other she really knew at all.

[20:05] Daitou would be sitting there, buzzed and drinking from one of those whacky silly straws from Sayeri's observations. When she looks, she would probably see Daitou staring RIGHT at her. "Hi!" He drunkenly chirps, it's a little obnoxious but sincere at least. His head whips around; helmet nearly spilling from his head. "Oh yeah!! More more more." His half drunken drink is shifted towards her with an expecting look of being refilled. "You ah the besht!~"

[20:06] Blanc: Would notice the distance between him and his new 'friends' largen as he turned to see what had held up the party line; noting the butterfly dressed mutant he'd smile;

"OoOOooh; you two know each other~?"

[20:06] Spookstii squishes underneath Danica's arms, and rotates her head all the way 'round to give a confused look at her. She shakes her head, not wanting to be identified.

[20:06] Sergei Tarkanov 'floats' into the main party area, arms outstretched underneath his white sheet. "OOOOOoooOOOOOoooooooo~!" He'd make a few circles, drifting aimlessly about.

[20:07] Danica: became distracted and turns to the giant ghost circling around "Watch the ledge!"

[20:07] Sayeri Tahlis chuckled as the bartender greeted her, covering her mouth to hide her little laugh "Oh you!-" she would reply to the bartender, interrupted by the feminine fireman nearby, who hapepend to be quite buzzed "Oh! um hello to you too!" she greeted Daitou, looking back at the bartender "Is he gonna be alright?".

[20:08] Alasdair waved to Feya with his free hand as he finally arrived on the roof for the party.

[20:08] Tabby would scratch her head a bit at the stopping and look between the others before. "is.. something wrong?"

[20:08] Eurielle would infact give the woman a water! Pulling out the clean cup from under the counter she'd spin it around a few times in the palm of her hand, she was a bartender after all. Leaning down, she'd scoop a bit of ice from a bucket under her feet. Turning behind her, she'd grab a pitcher filling it with filtered water. A lemon garnish was placed on the rim of the cup. "Walah~" She'd nearly croon to the female as she sat, "One super fancy water, on the house of course darlin. With one super fancy silly straw for the taking!" Hers of course was a blue coloring, so now there was a purple, pink and blue straw that everyone had there. Why not! She'd tilt her head towards her, naturally concerned about her state. Reaching down to grab that mimosa pitcher, reaching out to fill up the drink of Daitou's. She'd look towards the ghost costumed guest, a wry grin that sat on her features. She'd bring that golden gaze back towards Sayeri, "Most likely not." She'd grin, "But he hasn't fallen out of his chair quite yet. And don't 'oh you' me. Look at your rather red self, it's a wonderful sight. Would you like anything to drink darlin."

[20:11] Feya Wildcat would wave back towards Alasdair as she danced with Vaako, simply enjoying herself tonight

[20:12] Sergei Tarkanov drifted on over to the bar, bobbing up and down as he did so, flapping the sheet draped over him about. He attempts to get a good look at Eurielle through his ghost sheet but can barely manage. He sighs under his breath and goes back into his regular shtick for the night, "Thiiiiis eeeethereal beEEEIIInnnnNG neEEEEds a reeEERESSHHmeeent~"

[20:13] Blanc: "That happened.' he says, turning back on course to the free food.

[20:13] Toshia Kyrees: took the water, it was nice she sniffed it a few times before sipping at the glass. " Thank you love, I need to go however. You have done very well, I'm soo happy you two have done well with the RedTail. It makes me proud." She stood up, and carried it off with her.

[20:13] Sekan Vaako pulls Feya close to him after he spins her, slowly moving with her to the music being played on the piano, enjoying her company thoroughly, "Hopefully more. Might get the higher-ups to relax the fraternization rule a bit more." he whispers to her, nuzzling into her neck.

[20:13] Sayeri Tahlis smiled as the bartender passed a free glass of water along the table, the red scalie playfully grabbing and letting her pinky out in an attempt to be fancy "Thank you! And you're looking splendid yourself, darling~' she playfully replied to the bartender, leaning against the table while sipping that water through the straw, giving Daitou a gander "What drink did he get?".

[20:14] Spookstii just shrugged and slowly returned to her normal very droopy shape, then follows Blanc to the food. She seems completely uninterested in any solid foods, but eyes the liquids.

[20:14] Sylvie Auger: shivers a bit and pulls her hands out of the ice bowl, her hands a little bit blue. "Thats uh... better?" She questions, not sure if she should be worried about the minor discoloration. "I'm feeling less sore, at least..." She drinks from her straw, leaning on the counter now. "This party is more populated than I honestly expected it to be... but then again, who would miss the opportunity to hang out with Miss Eerie?~" She smirks and teases, looking at her.

[20:14] Danica: Moved over to the unattended desert cart of cupcakes picking up the entire display cutting board off the table, walking over in the distance to the others at the bar where she would hopefully place it for them to munch on before stumbling over one of the mats on the floor. The cakes went airborne by the two farthest to the left at least a dozen or so. “Cup..OOOF” she whined while stubbing her toe.

[20:15] Daitou raises up his glass as he sits on back. "Ah, yeah, I'm great, I'm great." Daitou seems to get a kick out of the big ass ghost beside him. "Ah, that's amazing." He soon peaks to Sayeri. "Heyy, what's your name? Oh, I got the best drink. Mimosa. Orange juice, bubbly, and like I dunno something magic cause it's amazing." He slaps his hand on his drink and tilts it her way; the silly straw leaning towards Sayeri. "Try it!~"

[20:18] Eurielle tilted her head towards the ghost, "Well since this ghostly form needs some kind of a refreshment, do you have any sort of a prefrence?" She'd state to him, looking towards Toshia. "Well thank you, your compliments are kind. Do come by and visit." She'd have no idea whom the female was, she'd never met her before. She'd turn that attention back to the red female, "Well thank you. I did my best." She'd grin towards her, raising up her finger and wiggling it more. "A bit more wiggle, you know.. to be proper." She'd smile towards Auger, "Good, I'm glad." Nodding in agreement, as that oof and sudden flying cupcakes went airborne. Nearly in slow motion, "Welp, so that was a thing. Flying cupcakes.." Not that she could do anything at the moment, but she shook her head. "Well, darlin. Let's not spill any more." She'd flick a concerned gaze towards the mats, wondering if there was one that was turned up. And she'd take a glass, another mimosa was poured. Placed in front of the red female. "Try it, you don't like it. I'll drink it."

[20:19] Feya Wildcat looked up at Vaako, following his footsteps and motions as she was glad to have downloaded a dancing program for tonight. Dipping, weaving around, spin, twist and turn. "True. Very true Sekan.." she huffed out, enjoying his moment of affection~

[20:19] Toshia Kyrees: " Didn't I see you out front?" She asked of the the large one.

[20:21] Blanc: "Looks like no ones here; Guess Ill do the honors~" he says stepping behind the booth to ration out the sweets~

[20:22] Alasdair had to partially duck under the awning so he could see into the bar. "Evenin' Marm. Rum'n coke if ya please. Go a lil heavy on the rum an' I'd prefer if ya got the biggest glass ya got. I don't wanna run ya ragged askin' over an' over again."

[20:22] Sergei Tarkanov wiggles about, "THIIIiisss GhoooOOoosst wouuuuld lIKe sOooome Spiriiiits!"

[20:22] Hakati says "You speaking about me? i dont know, i was waiting out there a long while"

[20:23] Danica: slowly would place the remaining tray of frosted cupcakes on the counter and take the best dressed one for her own personal consumption. She turned to walk away for drinking really wasn’t her best for most alcoholic beverages forced her to go straight to the toilet “this is not my day” she sighed.

[20:23] Tabby would blinka bit as someone trips and spills cupcakes everywere.. "are you alright?" before back to Blanc "hmm.. Tabby isn'ts ure we are meant to be behind there or not

[20:23] Sylvie Auger: stretches a bit and stands, but not before leaning in and finishing off her second glass of whiskey. "Okay! Gonna stretch a bit and then get back to it... now that I'm warmed up, I should be able to go for much longer.." She bows to Eurielle and then waves to everyone sitting down, before heading back over to the piano.

[20:23] Sekan Vaako smiles warmly at Feya as they danced, slowly weaving with her and spinning her, not hearing anything else but the piano playing, but keeping his eyes open for potential threats.

[20:24] Sayeri Tahlis Smiled and nodded ad Daitou "Well, since you insist~" she replied, leaning close to that glass Daitou offered, giving it a quick sip "Oh! This is not bad, not bad at all!~' she said, letting out a girlish giggle as the bartender gave her as glass of Mimosa all to her own. She grabs the glass, wiggling her finger a little more as the bartender suggested, and sipping through the straw "Thank you so much! Is it on the house or is there a price on this?".

[20:25] Sylvie Auger: flicks the switch on the piano for the autoplayer to off, picking up the song manually where it left off. This was her job, and she loved it!

[20:26] Daitou chirps up, quite quickly after the busy bartender's words. "-Or I will!" After the interjection, he would eye the Sayeri to see if she would actually try it or not. He withdraws it after the sip and continues sipping away. "Right?! It's awesome. Sweet with a kick. Damn this bar is hot." Daitou comments before eying the rest of people.

[20:27] Feya Wildcat would return the smile given in kind, listening in her ear over the comms as she followed closely to Sekans eye movements. "THis feels like the ending of True Lies.."

[20:27] Spookstii continues looking entirely uninterested in any of the solid foods, then chuckles a bit at Blanc going behind and Tabby's remark about it.

[20:27] Eurielle leaned down, tossed a glass up to her other hand. It came back to be slid across the counter back towards her other hand, and she'd grab for a can of coke and rum. Especially heavy handed on the rum. Probably a triple shot into there, followed with ice. And a bit of the coke. She'd hold out the glass towards Alasdair, "One heavy handed rum and coke for ya, sweetheart." She'd state with a cheezy grin, "Be sure it don't bitch slap you in return." Teasing lightly, before she'd grab another cup. Another drink was poured, something slightly different with a whiskey sour. A little bit of green dye dropped in there out of her own amusement. She'd slide that in front of the ghost, "Dealers choice then dearie." She'd turn that gaze back to the red female, "Oh you know. On the house JUST for you." She'd tease before several moments of akwardness were stayed, before she'd add on. "It's included in the charge darlin. Drink as much as you'd like." She'd wave a hand, towards the ones doing the sweets divying, seeing nothing iwrong with it. "Enjoy that, just don't be a stickler and not share."

[20:28] Toshia Kyrees: " Hehe... Well you got a name? Love the whole stabbing thing."

[20:29] Alasdair took the glass from Euri and gave her a smile under his skull mask. "Thank ya, Marm." He stepped back to give the bar more space considering the amount he took up and spotted Ajanu. "Ah, evenin', Kitten. Didn't expect to see ya here. Figured you'd be over at the demon workin'."

[20:29] Sekan Vaako tried to make sure he didn't step on her metal toes as they danced, purring softly as he kept looking around subtly, "How so?" he asks

[20:30] Hakati smirks and says "I'm Hakati, lovely to meet you."

[20:31] Sergei Tarkanov scuttles closer to the counter, tilting himself off to one side as a hand quickly slips out to snatch at that drink and pull it underneath his sheet. With a loud gulping sound, the empty glass is suddenly shot right back out from underneath his costume, "WoooOOOrldy beveEEEEveraAAges~ GoOOod for the ECToplllasm!"

[20:31] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Jennifer Diamond (taintedxjennifer Resident) has used <1> disguise_kit.

[20:31] Blanc: Snickered a bit at Tabby's protest

"That's okay; I promised you both a good time and I won't let anyone make me a liar; lets see what they have back here."

He grins, rummaging through the planned food servings and jellydrinks; they seemingly separated to serve throughout the night.

he lifts a blue jello cup towards Frostii; "Matches you~" he says laying it down for her to refuse or accept.

he untrays a bin of brownies and ghost themed sugar cookies laying them before Tabby before taking on himself.

"I'd hate to be leaving so soon... -but I got what I came here for; fancy fancy faaancy~" He'd grin steeping around the stall once more.

[20:32] Sayeri Tahlis grins and sips through that Mimosa rather quickly, the little red dragoness holding the glass with both hands as she let out a satisfied sigh "This stuff is great!" she commented, her eyes closed in content as she licked her lips, savoring the flavor of the drink she just finished "By the way, how is everyone here tonight? And spicy happenings or gossip?".

[20:34] Daitou bobs his head to Eurielle's words, even though she wasn't exactly talking to him. "Ah, as I say that, everyone basically fucks off." A snicker escapes his lips before leaning more heavily towards the counter top. Daitou would respond to Sayeri. "Not too much, fight almost broke out earlier by some dick challenging people to scuffle. Other than that it's been chill." Daitou sips once more after that. "Oh, am great."

[20:35] Eurielle would turn towards the cat, beckoning them over. "Greetings there darlin." She'd state, her finger coming up to the top of her hat. Stealing more of that frosting, another generous finger helping of it went into her mouth. She needed the frosting kick and sugar at the moment, one of these moments. She was going to be able to turn around and shove it in her mouth. But she nearly lost it with the ghost's wording. Laughign up a fit just then, shaking her head. "Would you like another?" She'd question lightly, she'd automatically go to refill the red dragoness' drink. "Nothing that I'm aware of, currently I will admit." She'd smile towards her. She'd been certianly sliding glances around at everyone, enjoying the nice display of eye candy at quick access. It was fantastic to be a bartender at time.

[20:35] Feya Wildcat: "Oh just at the end of the movie. Two people enjoying a good dance.. then seeing someone the woman wants to have a 'chat' with.. She goes up with her husband and sticks her lipstick tube under his chin... and he wets himself.. running from the room.."

[20:36] Sylvie Auger: receives a note while she's playing, taking a second to read it.... and smirks. She stops the song dead in it's tracks, tapping her foot to get the beat before she starts playing a new song.
[20:36] Toshia Kyrees: " You don't talk too much, that's arlight I don't myself." She laughed a little. " Wann share a drink with me?"

[20:36] Spookstii doesn't seem interested in the little jello thing, other than a passing thought about how it was insulting and offensive. She stares intently at all the drinks being served, intensely curious about them, as she'd never heard of alcohol or its effects before.

[20:36] Alasdair shrugged and just calmly sipped his drink while stepping over to the edge of the tower to enjoy the view.

[20:38] Danica: ears would perk to the tone of the piano and cheers out happily "You're amazing" she smiled while calling out.

[20:38] Sekan Vaako chuckles, "I don't think I've seen that one, honestly." he replies, slowly spinning and swaying with Feya, his ears wiggling as he listens to the music.

[20:38] Jennifer Diamond stands by the piano to listen to the music.

[20:39] Sylvie Auger: winks at Danica, smirking wider. "Its a party, yo, lets have some fun!" She says, not missing a beat.
[20:39] Hakati "Well don't mind if i do, after you."

[20:40] Sergei Tarkanov wiggles about in place, flapping the sides of his ghostly sheet about. "Yyyyyeessssss, My deEEAAArrr~ Make it taaaAAAALlllll thiiiss TiMe~" He'd bob up and down as he spoke, raising himself every time he raised his tone. He swivels himself from side to side, glancing at either of the two at his sides, "HhhhOOOowWw iiiisss the LiVVVInG Oooon thiisss SPOOOOKY NiiIIght~"

[20:41] Toshia Kyrees: nods as she moved back to the bar, she was feeling better now at least. Someone quiet to talk with might be a nice change.

[20:41] Tabby would pick up a chocolate cupcake having to take a few moments to safely pull it under her tie so the head inside her clothes could nibble on it. "hmm shes never been too sure.. what overly fancy is.. often lives out in wases herself.,"

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[20:41] Melody Hasuki: walks back up looking oover to eurielle " Im back hope you wernt to bad off without me." she smiles looking out the counter " my oh my looks like we need more treats huh ?"

[20:41] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Juno Avora's [Danica] gave <5> credit to AelwynStarweaver Resident's [Sylvie Auger].

[20:42] Daitou cackles at both Eurielle and the big ghost. He now finds himself putting his head down a bit to rest. "Am goood." Daitou responds to the ghost person before peeking up towards Euirelle. "I'll take some more, yeah? Goal is to get me to fall outta this chairs? Well, I'm close to that I feel." Daitou throws his hand up in greeting to Melody. "Heyyy! Welcome back!"

[20:42] Danica: Tosded a couple of credits over to the one at the piano with a smile "Keep up the wonderful work" she whispered.

[20:43] Jennifer Diamond slowly wanders around the room looking at this and that. Its her first time here.

[20:43] Ajanu finally makes their way in to the party, smiling warmly and offering waves all around to those he knew and didn't know. With a purr he moves up to the bar and leans over it, tail curling this way and that as his hips angled back and up with his toes curling into the floor under him a little. "Hey sugar," he said to Eurielle with a warm mewling her way.

[20:44] Blanc: Biting into the cookie he'd feel it crumble punctuated with a soft "Mmmmmmmmmmm~" as he swallowed the cookie mush with a gulp~

'Pretty *mmm* good~; thank you ladies/slimes/slugs; you really know how to save a party!"

Still munching he'd turn around and after Tabby had taken a morsel from the cupcake tray he'd lift the entire thing like a serving man and walked past to the elevator only stopping to turn and bid them farewell;

"The 3 musketeers~!" he'd bellow as he walked into the elevator.

[20:44] Sayeri Tahlis smiles and politely bows at the bartender as her glass of Mimosa was refilled, the dragoness slowly sipping on her second glass this time she would give Daitou a quick glance "Oh! I was actually right behind the man who was starting the trouble outside!" she replied, twirling the straw in her glass "Heard he was one of the traitors who tried to attack Colsec last time, he tried to get in rather forcefully but security managed to make him piss off and eventually let us in".

[20:45] Eurielle edged closer to the big guy that was standing overlooking the city. He seemed distracted a moment, "Hey big guy. You want a cupcake to go with that drink of yours?" She'd question him, as she'd had half an ear for the ghost and his tall order. Oh she'd make a tall one, a yard glass pulled up. She'd call back to Melody as she was coming back, "And there's a few lost souls of cupcakes on the ground. If you wouldn't mind grabbing that a moment darlin." She'd inch back, keeping an ear out for the big guy's answer to the cupcake offer. And there was one hell of a long island icetea going into that yard glass. She'd pull out bottles, spinning them in her hand. Nearly using all the bottles to make said drink. Looking down towards the two that sat down, "What shall I get ya two? Hmm?" She'd lean forward a moment, just to them. Before she'd place that glass in front of the ghost. "One extra extra.. extra large drink your way darlin." She'd reach out and touch the arm of Anjanu. "Hey sweetling, what's your posion?"

[20:45] Feya Wildcat: "Well it's a nice movie.I'd think you'd like it Sekan." she'd smile to him, changing the speed of their dancing as the music changed as well.

[20:46] Angel RoseWolf: pokes sergei back

[20:47] Sekan Vaako smiles and keeps pace with Feya as the tempo changes, "I think a movie night is in order, dont' you think?" he asks, his cape billowing slightly as they both moved to the music.

[20:48] Melody Hasuki: nods " Im on it " she huffs going ot to pick up some of the fallen cakes throwing them away before going back and making some more pumpkin cake batter like she did before putting it in a pan and bakeing the cake before mixing up some new whipcream iceing " if anyone wants anything other then sweets let me know ! " she then puts the iceing in the fridge waiting for the cake to finsh.

[20:48] Alasdair chuckled and shook his head at the offer of a cupcake. "Naw, but thank ya Marm. I'm not one fer frostin'. I'm just enjoyin' this drink while waitin' to see if anyone else I know rolls up. Considerin' the altercation down on the ground floor it might be a while though."

[20:48] Feya Wildcat came to a stop in her dancing as she was nearly tired out. "I'd like that. But for now, I need to rest my servo's and get something to drink~"

[20:49] Jennifer Diamond walks up behind someone familiar and taps on the fireman's hat with a smile.

[20:49] Sergei Tarkanov blinked at that massive drink from behind his sheet. He had to stay in character! No pulling the sheet off tonight! He'd wiggle and bob about, "IiiIIIIIii nnnEEEeeed aaaa STRaaaAAAWww! A SPPOOOOOOKY STRAAAAW!" He'd feel a finger poking into his back and he spins around to see who it is. With a bit of a jumped, he wails, lifting his arms over his head in an intimidating way, "OOOOOOooooOOOOO! Beeewaaare the SPPOOOKY GHOST!""

[20:49] Sekan Vaako nods, panting abit as he stopped as well, "Good idea." he wraps an arm around her waist, not caring at that point who saw them, "Shall we?""

[20:50] Angel RoseWolf: he see noone There... till she uncloaks and gos "BOOO!!!!

[20:50] Angel RoseWolf: giggles abit as she sudden apper's

[20:51] Daitou soon slips from his seat with glass in hand. He shrivels around before eying Jennifer. "Oh, hellos!" He chirps a greeting towards her as he strolls towards the snack bar. "Gonna pick up some sweets, cause they're awesome. You try any yet?" He'd ask Jennifer with a drunken slur to his words.

[20:51] Spookstii just gives a little shrug as the male left down the elevator, then moves closer to the bar. She types out a message on the comm floating in her stomach and only shows it to Eurielle; [Whgat is thjis stugff, and canm I hafve somne?] She seems slightly amused at the 'spooky ghost', but doesn't act towards it at all.

[20:51] Sergei Tarkanov screeches under his sheets. "AAAHH! Ah-I mean, OOooooo! AAaaa FEEEeeelllOOOw GHOST!"

[20:51] Toshia Kyrees: at the gu on the shoulder as she handed him her drink then smiled. " Well I'm getting tired big guy... See you around." She smiled then slipped out of her set.

[20:51] Feya Wildcat would actually giggle in front of the others as she was held by her waist, reclaiming the pumpkin from the fountain and followed him up to the bar. "Thank's Sekan~"

[20:52] Angel RoseWolf: *reach over and hugs Warmly and offers a Cupcake"these are pretty good by the by..
[20:52] Hakati "Oh well have fun then"

[20:52] Eurielle frowned at the red one's wording, it explained alot. She'd snicker towards the ghost, and place quite the crazy straw. He however got a white one in that half yard cup. "Heeere's your straaaaw." She'd snicker. Looking towards the big guy, she'd lean out to look up at him a moment. "Alright big guy." She'd slide over to the bar, looking towards the two newcomers. "What would you two lovebirds like?" She'd grin towards them.

[20:54] Sylvie Auger: smiles towards Danica, going back to playing the fancy music. "Alright, I should probably get back to what I'm being paid for, don't want the bosslady to kick me out." She sticks out her tongue, grinning. "Thanks for spicing things up, though!~"

[20:54] Melody Hasuki: smiles as the oven gose off takeing out the new cakes before letting them cool a bit then putting the whipped cream iceing on them setting out " a fresh batch of cup cakes are out and ready if anyone wants stew or any other dish let me know." she giggles waveing to daitou " how you feeling still hungry ?"

[20:55] Sayeri Tahlis smiles and sips the last of her Mimosa down, the dragoness shuffling her kimono so that the sleeves would come down and hide her hands as she crossed her arms "A mostly pleasant night, and such cute costumes everywhere too!" she commented, gandering at the interesting characters around "And the music is quite pleasant too, worth the wait that I had to go through outside".

[20:55] Sergei Tarkanov would hug back if he wasn't in character! He does wiggle in her arms, a hand quickly slipping out from underneath his sheet to snatch the cupcake. Munch Munch munch. He bobs up and down, "A wooOOOnderfffful COOssstume~"

[20:55] Danica: Would add a little extra spice by tossing a large hunk of credits out following her contact card "Contact me later ok?" she whispered placing it down on the edge before walking to the corner.

[20:55] Feya Wildcat would look at Sekan, curious on what he was going to request for them both.

[20:56] Sergei Tarkanov bends over just a bit, slipping that silly straw up his costume and slurps away at it, the tall glass emptying rather quickly.

[20:56] Tabby would watch the slime girl walk towards teh bar though it started to look more and more crowded over there
[20:56] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Juno Avora's [Danica] gave <8000> credit to AelwynStarweaver Resident's [Sylvie Auger].

[20:56] Jennifer Diamond smiles nervously. “Not yet. I’m so nervous I could die so I haven’t even thought about it. Everyone is new to me here and I feel like hiding in a hole.” She takes a breath getting calmer. “I’m glad I found a familiar face though, even if we only met the once.” She eyes the glass in his hand, “been here awhile?” As she talks, she follows him to the snack bar watching for what picks out.

[20:56] Sekan Vaako walks over to the bar and flags down the bartender, "Arnold Palmer for both of us, please." he says, not going the alcohol route tonight.

[20:57] Angel RoseWolf: looks down at his legs and state as she giggles"same to you,, Sheet would't fit me,, i think i have Second layer to this custom ."pulls her heltmet off and shows an Renamon face and make up"see

[20:58] Daitou plucks one party themed cupcake from the tray as he starts to munch it. Another is plucked and offered to Jennifer. "Damn, that's good." Daitou gets to bouncing his head. "Yeah, been heres for a bit. Drunks a lot. Ah, it's not so bad. Just have to speak up when there is a ton of people. It'll get better the more you get out here with a lot of people!

[21:01] Eurielle had a bit of a snicker, the boss lady was her. She'd pull out an coffee drink that she'd had stored under the counter. Taking a healthy drink out of her own black iced coffee to keep her energy up. She'd nod towards the drink, "Arnold palmer. You got it!" She'd dance across the floor of the bar, sliding across the mat. She'd slightly dance towards the music being played, two glasses taken. Bit of ice, taken and put into each of the glasses. Pulling another pitcher from under the counter, two of them. Half and half given of icetea and lemonaid. She'd pull a knife from the counter, slicing a fresh full lemon slice. That circlular cut of lemon was sliced once to be placed on the rim. As well as a mint garnish, and she'd place them right in front of the two of them. Crazy straws given, a purple one, and an orange one. Who could say no to a glass with a crazy straw garnishment. "Two arnold palmers, for your tasting pleasure." She'd state, tapping the counter on the drinks.

[21:01] Melody Hasuki: smiles waveing to jennifer " if you want anything difrent let me know love ." she looks at angel" you can have more if you want. " she gose bacck to the fridge looking for more snacks " maybe I can make a veggie plate.."
[21:01] Sergei Kita (sergeisteelhorn): /mw does what he can to tug his visible legs away when he notices her looking down at them. He must keep the illusion up! He flaps about when she pulls off her mask, "HooOOOOwww LooooNNG diiiid IIIIT TaAake yOOOUUU Tooo DoOOooo thaaat~" He goes a little twirl to show himself off, "IIII JuuST arriIIIved tooo your Pllaaaain Ooof Exiiistance, MoooOOrtaaal~"

[21:02] Spookstii moves closer and sits down at one of the chairs, and tries to make any noise she can to attract the bartender's attention. She slaps various places on the bar surface, causing a wet slapping sound, and that spot on the bar becoming perfectly clean. If she manages to get Eurielle's attention, she shows only her the message on the comm floating in her stomach; [Whgat is thjis stugff, and canm I hafve somne?]

[21:03] Feya Wildcat would accept the glass with the purple straw first, bringing it up to her lips and took a long sip as she felt parched to the tongue.. "Mmmmmm.. Thank you. I needed this." she'd speak out, smiling at Eurielle before slipping a tip over the counter to her in thanks.

[21:03] Angel RoseWolf: well then you must want a drink then? ill buy.. and yes it was my whole body..

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[21:03] Sayeri Tahlis smiles and leaves the empty glass for the bartender to return, politely bowing at her direction even while she was serving drinks to the other patrons "Thank you for the drinks!" she replied, happily strutting to the bar to the left, browsing the snacks on the table.

[21:04] Sekan Vaako smiles and nods to Eurielle, accepting the drink with the orange straw, sliding a credit chit her way, "Many thanks!" he tastes it and purrs deeply, "MMmmm....delicious."

[21:04] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Markusblade453 Resident's [Sekan Vaako] gave <500> credit to Nevahe Resident's [Eurielle].

[21:05] Sergei Tarkanov wobbles about, "IIIiinnnddeeed! AAaafter sUUUch A LoooOOOooNG TraaaaAAveeel~ I aaaammm pAAArched foOOoor more~"

[21:05] Eurielle looked to the little blue thing, a tilt of her head was given towards the communicator in her stomach. She'd look down towards the clean counter, "Useful. Remind me to just pick you up and rub you all over the counter afterwards." She'd tease her, grabbing the empty glass and putting it in a container under the counter, "Of course, you're welcome pretty." She'd state towards the red dragoness, as she was going towards the snacks. She'd turn towards the couple, and finger gun towards them. "Absolutely, of course. Thanks for the tips darlings." She'd turn back towards the ghost thing, "What would you like to drink? Anything?" She'd question towards the slapping gel creature.

[21:06] Jennifer Diamond graciously takes the cupcake. “Thank you, it looks good too.” The cupcake goes to her mouth where she takes a 1mm bite, “tastes good too.” She takes tiny tiny bites between her speaking. “Yeah, it’s just hard to get over that initial awkwardness. I’m working on it.” She looks around, “it was hard to get in on a nurses salary. But I’ll do my best to keep coming to these things.” She goes a little into thought, "so how you been. We still on for drinks sometime?"

[21:06] Angel RoseWolf: order a few Drinks and pay for them"good

[21:06] Feya Wildcat grumbled as she got a message on her comm. "Need to head out. Talk to you later Sekan." and took her drink with her.

[21:07] Spookstii shakes her head with a small facepalm at the first thing Eurielle said, then nods at the 'anything'. She didn't know anything at all about alcohol, and didn't know what to ask. She then glances to the 'spooky ghost' and seems to silently chuckle.

[21:07] Melody Hasuki: huffs a bit " whelp I found some fruit if any of you wants any." she sets the basket on the table.

[21:08] Alasdair rested his club against the edge of the roof so he could check the small comms unit he pulled out of a bracer. Upon reading the message he frowned and put it away. Downing the last of his drink he set a chip and the empty glass on the counter. "Thanks fer the drink Marm. Gonna go help with somethin' now."

[21:08] [RoE] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.5: Trigali Resident's [Alasdair] gave <2000> Credit to Nevahe Resident's [Eurielle].

[21:09] Daitou nods and agrees ."Oh yeah, well, practice makes perfect and stuff!" As Sayeri approaches, Daitou chirps their way. "Heyyyy dragon lady! I never caught your name! Maybe I did but I forgot!" He whines drunkenly before munching on his cupcake some more. "I'll take some. Fruit is tasty! I like fruit and fruity drinks. I might need a refill." Daitou speaks with his drink that is about three quarters full. "Oh yeah, we are. Just been busy. I had to get some medical work done out of town." He states to Jennifer.

[21:09] Sayeri Tahlis smiles and notices that same feminine fireman from before, playfully giving his helmet a hard pat, enough to make the visor up front slide and cover his eyes "Hello again, deary~" she teased looking at the colorful confections up front "Hmm, now which one to pick...".

[21:10] Eurielle chuckled towards the nod of anything, she'd look up towards the one that mentioned drinks. Looking towards angel questioningly, as she'd went for something sweet for spook. A cranberry vodka, pulling out the cranberry juice pouring it into a fresh cup. Spearing some cherries on a long toothpick, and she'd place it into the cup. Adding two shots of vodka and she'd stir it with the cherry toothpick. She'd set it in front of the little ghost lady. She'd give a wave to the big guy as he was leaving, "Thanks for the tip darlin. Have fun."

[21:11] Sergei Tarkanov turns to the counter, realizing that his drink was still not even half finished. Looks like this ghost had a long night of drinking ahead of him! He'd sip a bit more at his drink before turning his big blacked eyed gaze to the glowing one, "AAAAHHH~ AnoooOOOther EEEthhhEeereal! AAA PlllleeeasssUUuure toOOoo MeEEEt you~""

[21:11] Melody Hasuki: giggles a bit " just going to say it the orange is the way to go the dye is less invasive with the flavor. " she grins taking a apple taking a bite out of it " mm nice and crunchy."

[21:12] Jennifer Diamond gives Sayeri an inquisative look as she plays with Daitou's helmet. Not being noticed she remains quiet. She then gives Daitou a look of consern, "oh noes, nothing serious I hope?"

[21:12] Tabby would offer a wave to Daitou as she passed by though not wanting to interrupt as she got clsoer to the bar as the slime ghost girl seem to have gone for drinks there.

[21:16] Spookstii watches as the drink is placed in front of her, then shoves a gooey hand into is. Oddly enough, none of the drink spilled. It could be seen flowing up her arm and spreading out to the rest of her body, then when it was drained she'd look a bit disappointed. She types out; She then looks to the sheet-ghost and gives a bit of a silent chuckle, then doing a little seated bow. ((Frostii needs the stronk stuff))

[21:16] Daitou would wave to Tabby for a silent but warm greeting. It had been awhile since he had seen them, they'll have to talk later. Daitou soon looks to Sayeri. "Ah, helllllllo~" He leans back against the nearby pillar for a bit of support. "Piiick that one." Daitou would haphazardly pick at a cupcake but it's like he points in the general direction of four different once. A shake of his head could be seen in Jennifer's direction. "Oh, no no. Am fine. I was just getting my legs touched up. Make them better!!"

[21:18] Eurielle nodded towards angel, she'd pull out quite a few glasses one by one. "You got it darlin, dealers choice!" One of these became an arnold palmer, since it was fresh in her mind. Another a white russian, another became a mimosa out of the pitcher. The third drink, became a whiskey sour. The other two became apple juice, and the last was a cranberry juice. She'd set them on the bar in front of Angel. "Here you go, sweetheart." She'd smile, pushing the liquored ones in front of the ghost. And the juices in front of the biger one. "Enjoy!" She'd turn back towards the female ghost, with a rather confused look. "Oh, this is about to be fun. Let's go with something stronger. Maybe you'll understand!" Get it drunk, suuuure. She was more then happy to oblige. So she'd grab a big glass, and fill that all ways up with moonshine. At the very least it was cherry flavored. "How about this?"

[21:20] Sayeri Tahlis grins and tugs at Daitou's arm, holding him still to keep the drunken boy up, adjusting his helmet so he can see clearly again "I'm Sayeri by the way. I'm just an intern at Earthgov. Not too exciting, yet, but the job's pretty stable." she replied, smiling as she plucked an orange cupcake from the table, taking moderate bites in order to savor the flavor.

[21:20] Melody Hasuki: gasps looking over to eurielle with a huff " I had forgotten to finish my drink !! " she giggles a bit " you didn't happen to save it did you ? " she giggles tapping on the table before looking at the people eating the sweets with a smile.

[21:21] Jennifer Diamond sighs in relief, “that’s good. I’m glad it wasn’t something dangerous. I’m a nurse, I hear someone’s hurt and immediately start thinking code blue without the other details.” Jennifer pauses to finish up the last bites of her cup cake, proceeding to find a napkin to wipe off her hand. “Oh, nice costume by the way. I didn’t pick you for a firefighter though, what prompted that?”

[21:21] Angel RoseWolf: Reachs and pets as she walks and enjoys her Drink

[21:23] Spookstii shoves her hand in the big glass, most of her arm ending up in it. She turns considerably more pale as she absorbs the liquid, then retracts her arm with a big wobble, almost falling over. She sloppily types out another message, just one word: [Weoagh...]

[21:23] Daitou peeks to Sayeri. "No fooling? I did sec- important work for the Seccies. I've been looking to get another gig there. I might shoot in an application soon. Cause, well, I could use the spare cash. Mo' money mo drinks. Am I right?!" Daitou helps himself to another straw filling swig of his Mimosa. He then gets back to Jennifer's words. "Yeah, I get that. It's makes me warm that you care for me like that. Oh, ah, well, fire fighters are cool and heroic. I'm cool and heroic. It's a match made in heaven, yeah? Plus it's cute.~"

[21:24] Angel RoseWolf: notice a person she thinks she knew and offer one of her Drink to him" hey..

[21:24] Tabby would blink a bit at the slime ghost who started wobbling "you.. alright there?"

[21:25] Eurielle well nobody stopped her from getting the ghost girl drunk. She'd lean over the counter, as this was highly entertaining to her. "Watch out for that fall." She'd chuckle, "That's.. kinda what it does." She'd chirp towards the female, with a damn near shit eating grin drifting across her features.

[21:25] Hakati "how are you doing this night?"

[21:27] Angel RoseWolf: not bad and you?*offer and warm smile's* i like your,, well knife and armor choose it awsome..
[21:28] Sergei Tarkanov sipped up the remainder of his tall TALL glass of booze, spitting the silly straw back into his glass. He'd glance back at the ghost girl and wigge, "ThIIIIsss OoOoONEee'ss EEctooosplasm IIISS SuuUufFFeeEEriNG SHOOock! TTHessse Mattteriaaal BeeeverAAges AAreee TOOOoooO Much~"

[21:28] Hakati "Well thanks, i like your look too!"

[21:29] Angel RoseWolf: lets talk over here (so we don't confuse people over there)

[21:30] Spookstii wobbles a bit more, seeming to lose her form slightly before regaining it. She looks around, looking very confused, then flops onto the floor in a puddle with a wet splash sound. She wasn't unconscious, just unable to stand anymore.

[21:30] Sayeri Tahlis smiles as she chewed through that delicious, orange cupcake, holding it with one hand while patting Daitou's shoulder with her other "A gig at Earthgov would be cute...but you look like you'd fit more at the Neon Demon with that...suggestive outfit" she commented, giving Daitou a lighter pat on the head. "By the way, what's your name?" she asked Daitou, looking at him as she took another bite at the orange cake.

[21:32] Jennifer Diamond laughs, “your warm all over right now for other reasons Daitou.” She ponders about the nature of her calendar at home, “yah, firemen are definitely cool and heroic… among other things.” She then pokes her head out into the line of sight of Sayeri. “Hi Sayeri, nice to meet you. I’m Jennifer, one of the new girls in the colony.” A hand comes out to her shoulder for a little wave so she doesn't have to bodyslam Daitou to physically greet Sayari...

[21:33] Tabby would blink a bit watching spookstii.... reaction to what they drink "ummmm...'

[21:33] Sergei Tarkanov should probably help, but he's in character, damnit!

[21:34] Daitou smiles at Sayeri's words. "Wha, can't a boy look cute and work at E-Gov?" He raises up his fingers to do that 'listen here' gesture, it's light hearted. "Names Daitou." He states bluntly, the fact that she had to ask him his name caused for him to take a figurative punch in his ego. "*The* Daitou, from Mars. I was kinda big there, playing music and doing shows. It was awesome." But it's quickly dismissed because of booze. He grinds widely to Jennifer. "YEAH, they are hot a-and cool. Like a cocktail mix -tish perfecto. I was sold, like, immediately when the idea crossed my mind.

[21:36] Eurielle since nobody was ordering drinks at the moment, she'd take this opportunity to make her own drink. Something very strong, as she was starting to develop a migrane. So a double whiskey before she'd look over the counter to the now.. puddle. "I'd like to point out, you did ask." She'd nearly grin and giggle, halfway debating as she stared towards her. If she should get a mop for the gooey girl. "Perhaps I should.. uh.. Throw bread in your puddle. Have you absorb the ..." She'd stand on her tiptoes, looking down. "Would that work. I'm not sure that would work."

[21:38] Spookstii was immediately completely wasted, as she was entirely fluid and it went straight to her... fluids. She moves her face to the back of her head and looks up at Eurielle with an expression that could only ask: 'why?'

[21:40] Tabby would blink and scratch her side some "Tabby... is unsure of their... umm.. consistency to know if that would work or not"

[21:42] Sergei Tarkanov blinks behind his sheets down at the ghost puddle, "OOoooH DeEEEar~"

[21:42] Eurielle sort of looked down to her, "Well you did say anything." Guilt trip one-oh-one? Completely innocent human, that now really kinda wanted to test with bread. She'd wander towards the kitchen, grabbing some garlic bread! "For.. uhh.. Science?" She'd throw a few pieces, I mean. It absorbed things. Perhaps it would absorb the liquor. And the goo. She'd look towards Tabby, "Well this is the way to find out. Trial." She'd grin, someone needed to stop the human at this point.

[21:42] Sayeri Tahlis smiled as she closed her eyes and perked her ears up, doing a little wave at Daitou, and then leaning over to the side to wave at Jennifer "Hallo! I'm quite new here myself, I used to live in Mars!" she replied, turning her attention to Daitou as she heard him mention how he used to live there "Oh? I think I heard a few of your songs before on the radio! Though I haven't listened to any in a while so I probably forgot some of the lyrics."

[21:43] Melody Hasuki: smiles enjoying the night before pulling out of her com out of her bra typing on it before putting it on the table looking to daitou " you ever finishes that candy cutie ?" before blidly grabbing a cupcake instead of her com sticking it on her chest with a gasp " oh heavens sake.. " she huffs looking around for a towl.

[21:44] Spookstii feels the bread land on/in her, then tries to filter the alcohol-goo into it. She is unable to separate it, and just launches the bread out with incredible force unintentionally directly at Eurielle's face. She would groan if she could, and attempts to reform with her feet underneath her to stand up. Her comm falls out of her, just sitting on the floor.

[21:46] Daitou bounces his head once more. "Yeah! I was totally on the radio - billboards and holo-ads too. Dinko had some ads I was in, pushing one of their flavors. That really pushed me into the limelight." He explains before another sip is sucked from his tall mimosa drink. He'd about half way through it now. The candy remark has him bouncing his head once more. "YEAH! I gobbled it down when it was at the bar. I saved the gum .. then forgot about it." He snickers under his breath. "Can I have more?" Yeah, Daitou's meal is going to be mimosas and candy. What a sweet tooth.

[21:47] Tabby would blink a bit shifting the head in ehr hands as she watched it shoot the bread out.. "Tabby.. doesn't think thats working.. maybe water would be good... can help.. with alcohol some she thinks.. and maybe help dilute the fluid?"

[21:48] Eurielle since she was sort of leaning over the counter, and throwing bread at the goo. She'd be in right direct aim, she'd of course got blasted in the face with a piece of the goo-bread garlic slice. Comically it hit her face, and before she could react of any kind. It sort of stuck there, she actually had to pull the bread off. And she'd be sucessful before she'd gag. "OH gods in heaven. We don't need revolting.. " She'd stop, and she'd got some of the goo bread in her mouth. Screw trying to be girly about it, she'd nearly had a panic attack. "OH, oh gods. OH NO." She'd blindly wave her arms around, running into the counter a moment. Patting the counter for a towel of some kind. "YOU.. try water, Madame Tabby." She'd state, as she'd now need.. a very strong drink.

[21:48] Jennifer Diamond smiles, trying to store the new information about Sayeri in her memory. “That’s nice to hear; maybe we can go for drinks some time and share stories. Daitou tried really hard to make me remember his tunes on mars when we met, but I grew up on a purist research derelict and knew nothing about it. I felt so bad.” Jennifer smiles at Daitou, “I bet she was a huge fan of yours. More than she’s letting on.”

[21:49] Alasdair headed for the far side of the bar again as it was clear and the best spot for him to not be in the way. He waved to the bartender upon his return. "Evenin' again Marm. Another of the same if ya please an' make it a lil taller this time."

[21:50] Daitou chirps in to Jennifer's words. "Yeah, I got used to people not knowing who I am at all. It was rough at first, but eh. It's life."

[21:51] Spookstii would taste like cotton candy ice cream to Eurielle, if she got some of the goo in her mouth. Plus a lot of concentrated alcohol, since a lot of it was moved into the bread. She continues forming herself in an upright position, and slides up the side of the bar to help support her on the way up. Everything she touched would be absolutely spotless, looking brand-new if not for whatever wear and tear it had. She wasn't really listening to what anyone else was saying anymore, caught up in her own horrible decisions.

[21:52] Taylor Kaspar Levidensis eased up and inside whilst maintaining a generally very classy style and he smiled softly whilst looking around "They have truly outdone themselves...."

[21:52] Sergei Tarkanov was rather just enjoying the scene now, slowly bobbing up and down in place.

[21:53] Sayeri Tahlis lets out a giggle before finishing her cupcake, the small dragoness rolling her sleeve up to look at the time, her ears perking up "Oh dear, would you look at the time" she said to herself, the dragoness politely bowing to the two patrons before her "It was very nice to meet you both, Daitou and Jennifer, but I have to go now, got to sleep for now so I can get up early tomorrow" she replied "Didn't even know I was hanging with a celebrity! Maybe I ought to get out of the rock I live under some time, hmm?".

[21:53] Alasdair waved to Taylor as he arrived at the rooftop. Not that he needed the help to notice the wall of white fur.

[21:54] Melody Hasuki: smiles " i dont have anymore candy but enjoy the cakes eat till you vomit if you like." she giggles before looking beside her trying to not giggle before getting a towel and wiping her own chest. before picking up her com this time putting it away.

[21:55] Jennifer Diamond nods, "Okay Sayeri, it really was nice meeting you. I usually work at chimera so drop by any time and ask for me, or just call."

[21:55] Tabby would scratch her side some more "she doesn't really have water on her person" walking up to try and examine the slime before stumbling a little herself. "Though she thinks shes reachign her own limit. getting harder to.. breath in this.."

[21:55] Toshia Kyrees: walks past Taylor,she paused staring at him as her eyes shifted her Aura baring down on him. She looked cross as hell. WIth that she stepped around him if not stopped and headed to the door.

[21:57] Jennifer Diamond notices a phrase in another conversation and chirps in her two cents, "Did I hear no more candy? Sounds like the tricks are about to begin."

[21:57] Daitou cackles and reaches over to pat Sayeri on the shoulder. "Ah, well, everyone gets lucky sometimes at parties! You have a safe trip home and don't drive!!" Daitou outright demands Sayeri before waving to see them off. His head whips around as he stammers up towards the table. "No more candy?! What trickery is this? How can a halloween party run out of candy!" The last comment was more like a statement than a question. Though, he is clearly in good spirits. "And I work for Vultures and sorta Earth Gov but I think I need to reapply. Call me!"

[21:57] Eurielle was successful in finding a towel. At least she tasted good. She'd wipe her face off, before she'd start making a drink for Alasdar, she'd pause. Hearing something come though her comms, and very nearly a free stream of tears drifted down her face. She'd whisper, something blinking rapidly. She'd finished making the drink, turned on the auto tender. And very nearly ran downstairs with some hurridly grabbed food and drinks. Apparently she really needed that smoke. But it look like something just broke the poor little witchy woman.

[21:58] Sayeri Tahlis Smiles as she struts towards the exit, content with the pleasant night the party offered.
[21:58] Alasdair just started at Toshia as she brushed past Taylor so brusquely. Then without warning suddenly the Bartender left in just as much of a hurry. Leaving Al with a drink and a perplexed look on his face.

[21:58] Alasdair "H-hope ya feel better soon, Marm..."

[21:59] Spookstii also got a disheartening comm at the same time Eurielle did, and just collapsed back into her puddle.
[22:01] Dargo looked up the building before his gaze fell back to the door then the small mytharii briefly. "anyone can go?"
[22:02] Rose Nikki Draconis rocks her head back and forth and looks him over, "We do allow most people in, within reason. Though, not armed."

[22:03] Katerina Aristov: remains quiet while looking over the newcomer, the saber keeping her ears open while turning her gaze back towards the courtyard.

[22:03] Dargo nodded and looked up, taking a traffic cone he put it on his head as a costume and took his massive axe off.

[22:04] Eurielle deposited food and drinks in front of Rose, "I'm taking a break." She'd nearly bark at her, something in the comm's in her ear had her jumping. And it looked like tears were streaming down her face. There was drinks and a very bountiful plate of food and snacks to last rose a while.. But she'd disappear around the corner taking a break. A pack of smokes hurriedly taken out of her pocket as she did so.

[22:04] Rose Nikki Draconis snickerfits, "This is fine, I will accept this. Just behave. ...And there is a five thousand credit fee for entry, but it covers everything, including the kit."

[22:05] Dargo hearing the price he frowned and slowly put down the traffic cone off his head. "I don't have any money unfortunately. Thanks anyways." he said before turning to leave.

[22:05] Toshia Kyrees: stepped out letting lighting trails follow he. She moved past the desk." THanks for the party, you are doing a good job. Keep it up, you mkae Kage and I proud, well kage at least.

[22:06] Rose Nikki Draconis offers a bow, "We apologize, sorry." She would turn to the sheep and smile, bowing again.

[22:28] Sergei Tarkanov 's costume was beginning to slough off to one side a tad, more of his right leg being exposed as the other half drooped to the ground, "GHOSTS DoooOOo~ Eh... DoOoon't nnnneeEEeed E-Eeescoorts!" He stumbles a bit, "Unless it's the *hic* Neon Demon~"

[22:29] Eurielle moved back towards the front, she had a fake smile plastered upon her face. Nothing she could do about it now, her eyes looked hollow a moment. But she'd stop by rose on her way back in. "You doing alright?" She'd inquire, before she'd hop back upstairs. "Need anything before I go back up there?" She'd murmer towards her. Nodding towards her, looking strangely at the ghost. She'd wanted to rip the costume right off him if she were in a better mood.

[22:30] Rose Nikki Draconis simply tilts her head some, "The event is nearly over, you've been workin pretty hard all night. Why don't you head on home. Hm? You seem.. exhausted." She would tilt her head the other way.

[22:31] Katerina Aristov: blinks and peers curiously at the obviously inebriated ghost, the saber curling her lips a bit and chuckling. She straightens some when the other Red Tail employee wandered back over and raised a hand up to wave at her. "I just wanted to thank you for bringing the food and drink down. It was very much appreciated." She quieted down afterwards and let out another sigh, her attention turning back to the courtyard as her com device blipped in her ear.

[22:33] Katerina Aristov: also pulls out her data pad, types out a message, and sends it on it's way through her com device.

[22:35] Eurielle there was a weak smile that sat on her features, "Exhausted is putting it lightly." She'd turn towards Katerina, with a sort of sad look. "You're very welcome." She'd state, both of her feet were clicked together, and she'd giver her a low bow. "Glad to be of assistance." She'd turn back towards rose, slipping under the awning for the sudden rain downfall. "I think.. I will." She'd state, having a problem blinking back tears at the moment. "It's been a long night."

[22:36] Sylvie Auger: exits the building, shuddering softly at the cold night air. "Hey.. Just so you guys know I'm gonna head out for now... I might be back later, but my fingers feel like they're about to bleed." She bows to both Eurielle and Rose.

[22:36] Sergei Tarkanov would stumble just a little bit more before he'd set out towards the colony gates, attempting to keep himself steady as his sheet just kept sliding further and further to one side before it completely sloughed off to one side and hit the floor and ... Oh good grief, he's naked!

[22:37] Rose Nikki Draconis would frown a moment, "Please, go rest. I will see you at work when you are rested and ready to come in." She would enunciate on ready. "Please, take care." She would sigh and offer a bit of a smile, looking up to the sky. "How... sad."

[22:39] Katerina Aristov: frowned when she saw the state the woman was still in, the saber feeling a slight pang of guilt for having requested things be brought down. She returned the bow as politely and graciously as she could while hunkering beneath the very edge of the awning herself. "Damn rain.." She offered with a sigh.

[22:41] Eurielle her attention was taken towards Auger, "Hey, thank you so much for coming out, I appreciate you go ice your hands darlin." The female did however look very strange, and forced. "Take a bit of time and relaxation." She'd roll that golden gaze over towards Rose, take a heavy and long sigh. Would have said something if not for the sudden naked wolf causing her to blink a moment. IT was just the laugh she needed, however broken it was. However the situation, she still wanted to take care of other employees. "Rose, Melody and Auger have been a fantastic help tonight. See that they are rewarded, please." She'd manage a moment, luckily her apartment wasn't very far. So she'd bow again, sniffing a moment. "Probably.. not focusing on this would be good." The temptation was high to work the last hour to keep her mind active.

[22:44] Sylvie Auger: smiles warmly and tilts her head a little at Eurielle's words, looking sincerely happy. "Thank you, Miss Eerie, You put in a lot of effort today, and your personality definitely kept the party going the whole night through. Thank you."

[22:45] Rose Nikki Draconis nods and smiles, looking between the two of them, "Thank you for your help tonight. See me again at your earliest convenience for your rewards, do take care, I will handle the rest." She offers a bow to the two and continues to smile, watching Eriee closely.

[22:47] Katerina Aristov: shakes some of the rain from her hair with a disgruntled grumble while trying to politely keep herself from the conversation happening around her, the saber feeling more than a little awkward at that present moment.

[22:49] Eurielle would walk over towards Sylvie, and sort of ruffle her hair a moment as she'd walk by. "Your compliments are kind, Auger. Decide your name, so that we can get some fliers out and do some advertisement out." She'd mention, as she'd sort of wave towards rose. "I'll see you tomorrow." She'd mutter more then willing to storm her way through the rain to go home.
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