[2018/07/07 05:48] Slash Morgath: Slash approaches the lab, "Hi, can I help you?"
[2018/07/07 05:48] Koko: /me mewed. "You a doctor here too?" she asked with a soft mew
[2018/07/07 05:50] Slash Morgath: nods, "Name's Slash. I don't think we've met."
[2018/07/07 05:51] Koko: /me "Koko is a doctor here as well.... but she could do with a checkup. " she would mew and point to her rounded belly. "Koko is pregnant and wants a checkup."
[2018/07/07 05:54] Slash Morgath: nods, "Alright, I'm sure I can help with that. The cost is 100c. Why don't you hop up on the exam table and we can get started.
[2018/07/07 05:56] Xenovia (thefodm): .me comes in and waves a hand spotting koko
[2018/07/07 05:57] Koko: /me would hand over the credits and then noticed someone standing behind them. She pulled out a slip and folded it into a piece of paper. if everything went right, it would glide over, get the credit chit, glide back, drop it in her palms, and then glide back to them and unfold into a receipt to take to the wasteland bank.
[2018/07/07 05:58] [roe] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.4: NaoKitzne Resident's [kori mizu] gave <100> credit to Slash Morgath's [slash morgath].
[2018/07/07 05:59] Xenovia: /me waved and hurried off...
[2018/07/07 05:59] Slash Morgath: nods, "Thank you. Now if you would hop up on the exam table we can get started."
[2018/07/07 06:01] Koko: /me would walk over to the exam table and begin undressing down almost completely before laying upon it.
[2018/07/07 06:02] Slash Morgath: fires up the autodoc 5000 and begins checking vitals.
[2018/07/07 06:05] [roe] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.4: Kori Mizu rolls 1d20
(10) - Unmodified
[2018/07/07 06:06] Slash Morgath: looks at the readings. A mutter of concern escapes him. "You are just about ready to go into labor."
[2018/07/07 06:07] Slash Morgath: hurriedly puts a surgical tray together in case the baby comes during the exam.
[2018/07/07 06:07] Koko: /me the scans show that Koko is ready to go into labor at any moment. As for health, she was currently a bid dehydrated. She mewed as she looked up at them. "how much longer till koko gives birth?" she would ask. [rolling a 1d5 for how many turns]
[2018/07/07 06:07] [roe] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.4: Kori Mizu rolls 1d5
(2) - Unmodified
[2018/07/07 06:10] Slash Morgath: mumbles as he examines your stomach, and re-checks his vital readings, "From what I see the baby could come any time in the next 2 days. I wouldn't stray too far from medical assistance right now."
[2018/07/07 06:11] Koko: /me wiggled a bit as she felt the kits kicking within her. "oh... is health all good?" she would ask with a mew as she sat up a little bit
[2018/07/07 06:14] Slash Morgath: "From what I can see the child appears healthy. We won't know for certain until it's born of course. It is possible for us to induce labor now given how close delivery is. In fact, it might be safer as there is no telling when it could start naturally. That is up to you of course."
[2018/07/07 06:17] Koko: /me nodded. "Koko prefer she give birth where medical attention is readily available." she replied. "Please induce birth." she would lie back down and wait for them to get prepped to deliver the litter.
[2018/07/07 06:22] Slash Morgath: nods,"Understood." Slash moves to the cabinet and pulls out an injector of local anesthetic and the injector to induce labor. "Now this will hurt initially, but the area will numb a bit. It will reduce the severity of the labor pain." Slash administers the injection to the belly. Once he is satisfied with the effects he picks up the other injector, "This will start labor almost immediately. Don't push right away, wait a couple of contractions, then push once it's in full effect." Slash injects the pregnant belly to induce labor.
[2018/07/07 06:25] Koko: /me whimpered at the first injector. She hated needle. but after a bit she would start to feel numb around that area. She hardly even felt the second injection. but less than a minute after it was administered, a large amount of fluid would rush out of hver vagina as her water breaks. She would start to feel some contractions, very dull at first, but then after a moment she would feel them pretty strong, despide the numbing anesthetics.
[2018/07/07 06:27] Slash Morgath: Slash positions himself with a towel and a number 5 scalpel to cut the umbilical cord. He speak softly with encouragement, "That's good......let it build....that's it......NOW PUSH!"
[2018/07/07 06:27] [roe] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.4: Kori Mizu rolls 1d20 + -3
(3) - Unmodified
(0) - Modified
[2018/07/07 06:27] Kori (naokitzne): (( serious complications ))
[2018/07/07 06:29] Koko: /me would yell out as she starts to push. something seemed wrong though, as the vial monitors would begin to alert that she was going into cardiac arrest.
[2018/07/07 06:32] Slash Morgath: reacts quickly grabbing the defibrillator. He clears the table and administers a brief shock to stabilize the heartbeat. He also grabs a nitro injector and administers that to control the heartbeat.
[2018/07/07 06:33] [roe] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.4: Kori Mizu rolls 1d20
(4) - Unmodified
[2018/07/07 06:33] Kori (naokitzne): (( roll your sur vs that ))
[2018/07/07 06:33] [roe] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.4: Slash Morgath rolls 1d20
(19) - Unmodified
[2018/07/07 06:35] Slash (slash.morgath): ((did I save you?
[2018/07/07 06:35] Koko: /me seemed to work as her heart beat that had flatlined for a moment would start to beat again. She had just about blacked out but started to regain consciousness, only to start feeling the pain of child birth. She would start to pant and gasp a bit and cry out in pain. They would be able to see the little kitterfox ears poking out of her now.
[2018/07/07 06:38] Slash Morgath: reaches in and gently guides the baby out of the mother. It's kitsune ears twitching and matted with amniotic fluid. It's very cute. Slash administers a quick slap on the butt to the baby to induce crying.
[2018/07/07 06:40] Koko: /me would pant and gasp before crying out with one last push as she delivers the kit. Rather than crying, the kit would start mewling and whimpering, and was a lot cuter sounding than human babies and shit
[2018/07/07 06:45] [roe] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.4: Kori Mizu rolls 1d3
(1) - Unmodified
[2018/07/07 06:46] Slash Morgath: Slash quickly checks the infant's vitals to make sure he's not missing any problems. Once he is satisfied the child is healthy he turns to the mother and says, "Congratulations, it's a healthy baby girl."
[2018/07/07 06:47] Koko: /me would sit up and groan. She still hurt a lot from birthing the kit, but at least it was over. "How much... koko owe?" she whined a bit as she made grabbeh paws for the kit.
[2018/07/07 06:48] Slash Morgath: nods thinking," Well we went from an exam into a full blown procedure. I have to charge 2000 for that."
[2018/07/07 06:48] Slash Morgath: smiles as he hands the kit over.
[2018/07/07 06:52] Koko: /me would take the kit and gently lift the shirt over her left breast and held the kit to it so they could suckle on her milk. She then reached up into the pouch on her hat and would pass over some credits.
[2018/07/07 06:52] [roe] Inventory HUD~v1.1.0.4: NaoKitzne Resident's [kori mizu] gave <2500> credit to Slash Morgath's [slash morgath].
[2018/07/07 06:54] Slash Morgath: smiles as he accepts the credits, "Thank you. You might want to adjourn to the bunks down stairs to rest up. I can't imagine how tired you must feel . That did not go as smoothly as I would have liked."
[2018/07/07 06:57] Koko: /me "thanks doctor" she mewed and would slowly rise to her feet. She would then start slowly making her way towards the downstarts bunks while holding the hungery kit
[2018/07/07 06:58] Slash Morgath: smiles, "Take care and enjoy your young one!"
[2018/07/07 07:00] /me (info): You deposited <210> credit into Vultures Ward container/bank.
[2018/07/07 07:02] Koko: /me mewed to them and would go lay down in the bed where she would fall asleep cuddling her newboarn kit as it fed on her large supply of kitterfox milk.