((Autopsy Record: Jane DoE 5078 --- Transcript begins ---
[2018/06/11 10:17] /me Lydia 's pale and curvy body lays unmoving, face up on the bed, the head bent back, eyes closed but the soft lips are slightly agape, the dark hair is covering parts of the very pale face, the large breasts seem unmoving, are spread on her chest, slightly flattened by their weight, the nude body of the whore is barely covered by the straps, lightly but visibly the still slightly glowing straps are biting into the ple and soft, yielding flesh of hr generous curves
[2018/06/11 10:26] Slash Morgath: approaches the patient on the gurney. He notes her obvious state of undress and the glowing straps biting into her flesh, "Can I help you?" he asks tentatively.
[2018/06/11 10:29] /me Lydia stripped form is pale in the bright light of the room, the head bent back on the cushion, the thin but red marks of the now loosened bt fatal cord are visible around the girth of the slender neck, no movement of the pale, soft belly, of the large breasts can be seen
[2018/06/11 10:36] Slash Morgath: checks the person for signs of life and quickly determines she is dead and cold. "What the hell?", Slash asks the empty room. "Who in the hell left this corpse laying around down here?" Slash wonders if he can get one of the security people to help him dispose of it.
[2018/06/11 10:38] /me Lydia lays unmoving as the stranger touches the cooling but still somehow warm form, feels for any sign of life of the lifeless form, only the dark hair gets moved lightly, moved by a sudden breeze, the light glowing light of the tight straps is visible, how the pale flesh yields under the pressure of each strap
[2018/06/11 10:40] Slash Morgath: walks over to the main nurses station and hit's the internal PA system in the ward. "Security to reception, security to reception. Need assistance moving a corpse to the lab for harvesting."
[2018/06/11 10:42] /me Lydia 's nude and curvy body is unfeeling the constant, light breeze inside the room, strands of her dark hair are falling over the pale face of the whore, the fat tits are slightly drawn to their sides by their weight, the pale, creamy flesh yields, slightly bulge snow under the pressure of the straps
[2018/06/11 10:45] Slash Morgath: annoyed with the lack of immediate response he hit's the PA again. "Goddammit I have a cooling corpse up here! Get up here!"
[2018/06/11 10:47] /me Lydia 's nude form is almost fully exposed on the bed, a strap is tightly wrapped around each pale thigh, one between the parted thighs, slightly covering the whore's sex, obscenely the strap presses between the soft folds of the woman
[2018/06/11 10:49] Slash Morgath: walks back over to the corpse and inspects the lightly glowing straps that seem to have choked the life from the victim. He growls lightly under his breath. "I get to do everything myself, as usual." Slash gives up on security and wheels the gurney with the corpse on it to the lab for autopsy, organ harvesting, and breakdown.
[2018/06/11 10:50] /me Lydia 's limp and lifeless body gets moved on the gurney, the gentle quiver of the large breasts can be seen as the bed gets wheeled into another room, the nude form lays pale and tits up in front of the stranger, again the light ripples of the flesh are visible as the bed is wheeled into the next room
[2018/06/11 10:56] Slash Morgath: gathers the needed surgical instruments for autopsy and wheels the tray to the table. He dawns a face mask for his own protection, but doesnt't bother washing his hands. He then starts the recorder. "Autopsy record...Unknown victim...Designated as...Jane Doe 5078. Subject is bound by glowing bands of some type, obviously magika of some kind. I will attempt to cut though the bands with a number 5 scalpel." Slash starts to cut the band from the neck.
[2018/06/11 10:58] /me Lydia lays tits up in front of the man as he leans over the nude body, pale, blueish veins can be seen beneath the creamy flesh of her large breasts, the cold blade slides along the neck, the back of the blade presses into the neck as the blade slides under the band, cuts easily into the material, with a swift movement the band springs free, revealing a mark on the pale flesh
[2018/06/11 11:00] Slash Morgath: "The neck band proved easily cut. There is a notable wound visible under the band." Slash probes and examines the wound to determine it's character.
[2018/06/11 11:02] /me Lydia lays unmoving as the man touches the mark, visibly the skin is reddened under the band, as if the band was a garrote, the head lays bent back, the slender neck is stretched visibly, another band is wrapped obscenely around the fleshy, round breasts, visibly the strap presses into the yielding, creamy flesh
[2018/06/11 11:05] Slash Morgath: "The flesh under the neck band shows signs consistent with strangulation, noted as possible contributing factor to this death." Slash examines the bands around the breasts. "I will now attempt to cut through the torso band that crosses both breasts. Once again I will use the number 5 scalpel." Slash begins the incision of the second band.
[2018/06/11 11:07] /me Lydia soft flesh again visibly indents under the pressure of the cold blade as it slides under the band, along the creamy flesh of her left breast, again the band almost jumps free, the large breasts obscenely quiver, moving back into their natural, flattened shape, now the small and cheap silver rings are visible, piercing the light pink, soft nipples
[2018/06/11 11:11] Slash Morgath: "The breast flesh shows signs consistent with extreme compression. The presence of ornamental piercings in both nipples is noted." Slash gently caresses the breast flesh with a gloved hand. "No additional wounds noted. Now examining the straps on the lower torso. I will attempt removal with the number 5 scalpel." Slash begins to cut the straps.
[2018/06/11 11:15] /me Lydia is unfeeling the warm hand, sliding over the now again round and flattened breast, how the gloved hand feels and moves the heavy tit, barely the marks of the compression now can be seen at the pale flesh, pale veiny are visible beneath the creamy flesh of her large tits, slowly the sharp blade, the flat side slides under the band around the lower torso, with a light movement the strained band moves back, revealing the soft belly, the deep navel and the now obscenely exposed womanhood
[2018/06/11 11:18] Slash Morgath: "The straps on the lower body were removed without difficulty." Slash probes the body's genitals. "Minor vaginal tears are noted, likely resulting from repeated rough sex, consistent with prostitution. No genital warts noted. I will now cut the remaining bands from the legs with the number 5 scalpel." Slash starts cutting.
[2018/06/11 11:21] /me Lydia outer folds yield as the gloved finger probes the exposed flesh, slides along the parting folds ot expose the pink, still slightly wet inner tissue, the cut off bad still lays between the parted thighs, still somehow pressed between the still swollen appearing folds as the blade now moves close to the exposed womanhood, the cold steel cuts into each of the remaining bands around each thigh, fully revealing the pale and soft flesh of the killed whore
[2018/06/11 11:25] Slash Morgath: "Additional signs consistent with compression injury are noted on the legs. " Slash coughs and continues, "Now that the external bands have been removed I will draw blood samples for toxic analysis." Slash puts down the scalpel and readies a venipuncture kit and 5 vials. He inserts the puncture into the lower right arm and begins the blood draw.
[2018/06/11 11:28] Lydia (simona.aboma): &/2e lays unmoving, pale and lifeless on the slab, the remains of the still weakly glowing bands now under the sprawled body, still between the exposed outer folds as the stranger tilts the right arm more to the side, slightly twists the arm to reveal the veins and slowly but unceremoniously sinks the long and thick needle into the arm, easily the sharp needle sinks into the flesh, visibly the skin dimples under the pressure of the thick needle
[2018/06/11 11:28] /me Lydia lays unmoving, pale and lifeless on the slab, the remains of the still weakly glowing bands now under the sprawled body, still between the exposed outer folds as the stranger tilts the right arm more to the side, slightly twists the arm to reveal the veins and slowly but unceremoniously sinks the long and thick needle into the arm, easily the sharp needle sinks into the flesh, visibly the skin dimples under the pressure of the thick needle
[2018/06/11 11:30] Slash Morgath: inserts the first vacuum vial into the venipuncture. It immediately begins drawing blood from the body. As each vial fills, the next takes it's place until all 5 are filled.
[2018/06/11 11:32] /me Lydia s dark blood visibly flows into the vacuum vial as the first vial gets inserted, replaced with the other four vials, leaving the needle protruding from the arm, the nude form is lit by the bright light of the table, every curve and dimple of the curvy form is exposed, the smooth, soft belly is now almost drawn flat, the large breasts are unmoving, spread on her chest
[2018/06/11 11:36] Slash Morgath: "All toxicology samples were successfully drawn. Blood appears unremarkable." Slash withdraws the veinipuncture and labels the blood vials. "Final cause of death will be contingent on toxicology. Now beginning organ harvesting. That completes this recorded record, Slash Morgath attending pathologist." Slash then picks up the bone saw for the "Y" incision to begin organ removal. Empty coolers sit nearby awaiting the organs. The loud buzz of the saw rins through the lab as he starts cutting into the torso.
[2018/06/11 12:22] Slash Morgath: The saw whines loudly as it cuts through the soft flesh of the torso. The sound drops in pitch as the ribs are sliced and the body jumps slight as each is cut. Slash then removes the salvageable organs and places each in a holding cooler for preservation. He then uses the bone saw to slice the skull. Body fluids fly and Slash curses as some get on his vest and in his fur. He pauses briefly to clean up before completing extraction of the brain, which is then weighed and preserved. The remainder of the corpse is taken to the medical breakdown station where it is rendered into bone, plasma, and other useful parts. The remains of Jane Doe 5078 are no more.