*This broadcast would be passed around through various colonies around the globe. The words would roll like credits over a black screen as a well-spoken man voiced over them.*

==============Earth Liberation Front==============


Now is the time! Resistance. Revolution. Liberation. Freedom!

You are the RESISTANCE. You are a ROGUE to conformity.
-Live the life which you chose, yet live it for the RESISTANCE.
- No matter your reason to fight, attain your FREEDOM NOW.
- There is no political motive but freedom from OPPRESSION.
- There is no corporate scheme.
- This is not a conglomerate.
- This is a revolution.
- This is YOUR REVOLUTION. Take back what's YOURS!
- Take back your resources.
- Take back your liberties.
- Take back Earth.

Send the corporate oppressor known as EarthGov back to Isis Station.

JOIN TODAY - *blacked out section*

PS. Keep your eye on the Horizon!

*Then a banner would be left on screen for the remainder of the viewing.*