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Felaeris' RP academy

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Basic Courses offered:
Lore and Assorted Trivia
-- All the things you wanted to know about the world of RoE but were afraid to ask!
Titler & HUD Operation 101
-- How to make your HUD and Titler look super snazzy
Human Relations (Social Skills)
-- How to make friends and enemies and maybe overcome that crippling social anxiety!
Personal Counseling
-- For when you've had a hard day. Serious issues will be referred to other online resources and are encouraged to seek professional aid and assistance.
Combat Etiquette
-- A how to overview of how to handle victory, defeat, and all the things in between.
Basic Arithmetic and Introductory Algebra (with a focus on combat applications)
-- For those who might not have strong math skills or who find the combat system intimidating
General RP Etiquette
-- When to post, how to post, and the frequency of which to post in 1v1, small parties, and crowded bar (8+ persons) settings. Also includes an overview of taboo practices in posting and how to avoid them.
Introductory Storytelling
-- Want to become a storyteller? We always need more!
-- Pre-Requisites: Combat Etiquette, General RP Etiquette, Basic Arithmetic and Introductory Algebra, Human Relations (Social Skills,) English fluency appreciated but not required. Capitalization and punctuation are required. Pre-Req's may be waived if previous experience is demonstrated.

Advanced Courses. Pre-Requisites will be annotated
Advanced Posting
-- A detailed account of how to improve post styling, tempo, and rhythm (or flow) of the post overall. Conversational style (use of postings beginning with speech rather than action,) Inter-character dialogue (a series of short posts consisting only of speech without excess action,) Multi-Paragraph posting with internal paragraph breaks, and how to successfully emotionally charge the post for the intended effect. Students will be warned and cautioned against more esoteric taboos in the RP community.
-- Pre-Requisites
  • Strong Mastery of English Language
  • Proper use of punctuation and capitalization at all times
  • This is a formal course setting. Reading assignments will be included.
Advanced Storytelling
-- Includes plot composition, NPC stat allocation, improvisation, party profiling, Character vs. Plot driven storylines, player engagements, expedient handling of disputes, and creation of a personal manifesto for storytelling approach/styling. This is an extremely 1 on 1 course in an informal setting where I will be approaching more as a colleague than a mentor.
  • Must have a storyteller application accepted (or in progress if sufficient mastery is demonstrated)
  • Strong Mastery of English Language
  • Proper use of punctuation and capitalization at all times.
  • Mastery of social/interpersonal skills.
Advanced Villainy
-- While applicable to Law Enforcement, this course focuses on a detailed account of how to better improve your odds of success, how to work with the RoE staff to attempt various crimes, and how to stage a successful or nearly successful means of escape following an incident or act of aggression. Special emphasis will be placed on working with Storytellers and Admins.
-- 2 Letters of Recommendation from current RoE Admins. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing after all.
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How to apply?
Message me on SL or through Discord stating the course you'd like to focus on.

I can't make time for a class. Can I see logs from other students?
Sure! Any Basic Course I'll be happy to post up. Advanced courses will likely remain unavailable to the general public.
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