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Important OOC announcements
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By MuttMeat Jul 26, 17
Post ideas for OOC classes here. Mentors may also post logs of classes.
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By Felaeris Dec 19, 16
For general OOC discussions and random OOC shit.
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By fodm o Fri at 01:00 am
Post here to look for roleplay situations, people for roles, this is a way to set up roleplay scenes/storylines, etc. (NOTE: things to buy/sell/trade do not go here, they go in the Buy/Sell/Trade board in the In Character section.)
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By AngelRoseWolf Oct 8, 17
Got a good resource for character development, better posting, creating epic scenes/storylines? Share it here!
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By Smiles Aug 26, 17
Look here for general info on the sim (rules, etc.)
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By Doll 3.0 Sep 3, 16
Post here for any questions concerning interpretations of the rules as written, or if something comes up during roleplay which the rules do not cover. Do not request rules changes here, that is for general discussion.
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By karn kuu Jan 9, 18
In Character Section
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News from around Dawn Colony
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By Cattigan Carver Jan 30, 17
All in character knowledge about recent events.
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By Melna Milos Dec 21, 16
Businesses can post job openings here. Also anyone seeking to hire someone for anything.
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By InfiniteEnigma Apr 2, 17
In Character "Craig's List" of Dawn Colony
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By rudestray Jul 25, 18
IC word of mouth rumors, what people are talking about in the bars and out on the streets of Dawn Colony. (What most people would know about in character- avoid metagaming or sharing OOC info, please- keep this In Character only.)
12 43
By InfiniteEnigma Apr 1, 17
Factions Section
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Crews of the Harbor
14 97
By Riley Aug 9, 18
Military Outpost of Dawn Colony
14 414
By Akumaru2 Tue at 03:51 pm
Criminal Syndicate of Dawn Colony
6 71
By Soft Like Cotton o Mon at 12:49 am
Wasteland scavengers of Dawn Colony
11 68
By Skitarii Aug 4, 18
Cat people of Dawn Colony
6 83
By Lilian Nicole Jul 6, 18
Exiled magika researchers
22 119
By Carden_Bekes Jul 3, 18
the Forum to place item acquisitions orders to the quartermasters
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Food counter
3 8
By Ventus Zeruel Aug 9, 16
Defunct group. This forum is only for archive purpouses
11 29
By Gwen Redstone Apr 14, 16
A pharmaceutical and research MegaCorp
862 1769
By Soft Like Cotton o Tue at 08:55 pm
Staffing solutions of Dawn Colony
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By Kage Marx May 9, 17
Hotel and Strip Bar of Dawn Colony
5 85
By Husir-jo Nov 4, 17
Casino of Dawn Colony
3 3
By Pyce Fri at 11:58 pm
Wasteland medical clinic
9 10
By Slash Jul 10, 18
Rise Colony Private Mercenary Corporation.
60 127
By A41-3N 3 hours ago
Bar and Grill of Dawn Colony
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By Faye Sep 7, 14
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